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I can't seem to figure out how to crop photos to an appropriate size for display on this forum using Pentax Laboratory 3, the utility which came with my K10D. I hope someone can hand lead me through the process.

It seems to me that I should set incoordinates for the top left point of the desired result, then set in the area size, but, when I do this the numbers won't stay fixed. What am I doing wrong, and how should I do it?

Or is there some easier way to get the right size crop to comprise with the conditions for size imposed by the Forum?

Old Engineer
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I don't usually use PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory to crop my images. But I had it so I thought I'd see what I could do.

Boy, is it a difficult program to use for this.

I think the trick is that when you click the "diskette / save" icon, you have to have the crop/resize tool bar active. In other words, you have to leave them on the screen & see the dotted lines of the crop that you have selected when you are pressing the "diskette / save" icon.

When you close down the crop/resize window thingy & the dotted crop marks disappear from the image, when you click save, the whole image gets saved.

From what I see, the other two ways to get image size down with PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory is . . .

1) Changing the "Image Size" (bottom left of the crop/resize window) to whatever size you want the final image to be &
2) The compression amount which you affect by clicking on the "JPEG" drop-down menu on the main Photo Laboratory menu bar. The small one that is always open.

I'm not too familiar with PENTAX Photo Laboratory & I don't know exactly what you are trying to do, so I'm not sure if this helps at all.

Take care,

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Thanks Glen. Your ideas may help. I will work with them to see what I can evolve.......Old Engineer
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I'm going to suggest a different approach I use. I am one of the few that actually likes PPL and use it whenever I shoot raw, which is often. I feel quite comfortable with it now, but it has a learning curve. Here is what I do. I use PPL to post process the raw image and then save it as a tiff. This is a full size image, so is quite large.

I then use a little program called Irfanview, whichhas been around a long time and load the tiff into it. I can then crop, resize and sharpen (I use unsharp mask)the image, then save it as a jpeg. I then delete the large tiff image, but save my original raw in case I want to work with it later. I know we have a few fans of Irfanview on this forum, so maybe they can suggest other ideas. It's a free little program, very fast and very good. Did I mention its free- Bruce

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