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Over the last few months, I have been attempting to take a number of low light images - either sunsets, city lights, sky shots, etc. with my K100. About a year ago I went out and picked up an infrared remote, that does a good job, however with the way the K100's function menu is set up, I am unable to use bracketing with a remote (at the same time) - as you can only select one item from the menu, and these are both items within the same menu.

So last evening, I was out and trying to take some HDR sunset images, and decided that I just need to break down and purchase an external wired remote timer such as ...


... so the question is - does anyone use this? and how well does it work?
  • Will let me take longer duration images (longer than the 30 seconds the K100 limits you to).[/*]
  • Will let me set up bracketing and then engage the shutter remotely (over the course of the 3 images - hopefully).[/*]
Any known problems? or a better product to consider?

Well after working outside for a bit - I came back in and started looking around for additional solutions. Since one of the tasks I want to do is to hold the shutter button down for something like 20 to 30 seconds while the 3 bracketing images are taken, and the item above really does not address that, I came across this...


It appears that to cover my needs (or wants), especially for timed shots beyond 30 seconds - item one is needed. For the HDR shots, it appears that possibly item 2 would be needed.

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Hi interested_observer

I use the Pentax cable release. Can auto focus with a light touch, and use for long exposures by pressing and sliding button into a lock mode. Think that is only done in "B" bulb mode on the camera. I got this originally for long astronomical exposures, but use it for all tripod shots including studio flash shots.


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I bought one of the $10 versions on ebay shipped out of Hong Kong and have been happy with it for a couple of years now. I have it mounted on my gunstock camera mount and it has never failed me.

-The release button can be pressed halfway or all the way.
-Press it halfway to activates autofocus.
-Press it completely to takes pictures.
-Press and slide it to lock the shutter for bulb photography.

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BeachBoy and ennacac,

Thanks for the information. I'll look them up, and probably make an order today so that it will come during the week.

I have been playing around a lot and here is an example....

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I also have a fairly inexpensive one from ebay. It has not seen heavy use but has survived nearly two years now in my camera bag. I looked it over but there is no manufacturer info on it.

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