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Please don't feel intimidated by this question, but to exclude all possible alternatives:

Is it the exposure modewheel (top left as seen from behind) that you put in M mode, and not the autofocus/manual focus button (front left behind/below the lens)?

If it is the exposure mode wheel, and it shows AV when the dial is in M, there is something wrong with the camera body and not with the lens.

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Heya Billy. I checked my other A and DA lenses and when you put the camera on full Manual you get to adjust Tv and Av. With the M lens all I an adjust is the shutter speed (Tv).

And yes, I am allowing it to use the aperture ring but it still shoots wide open.

I discovered something though. If you take a look at the back of any Pentax lens A or newer youll find a bunch of little notches by the mounting that coincides with the mount on the camera. I figure these notches are what sends the info (exposure, focus, etc) to the camera. Thing is this M lens has absoultely NO notches! Even my "nifty-50 A lens" has one notch in it. I figure thats for auto expose. So it looks like this M lens is completely "dumb" and can't communicate with the camera at all so its default is to shoot wide open. I think the spring on the camera mount keeps it that way.

I thank you guys for your help. I have no problem having a fixed aperture zoom lens. :-)

Edit: I just tried my A lens with just using the aperture ring and the same thing happens. As soon as you mount the lens- it opens completely wide! Sigh.
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