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I always wondered why nearly all DSLR camera were black, now I see why.....Kidding...I'm not a huge fan of the white but it would be cool to see it in some darker colors like forest green or a camo. I bought the K10D mainly for its ruggedness and weather sealing, that said, if i brought a white camera out on the hiking trails with the dirt, mud and rain it will get dirty real quick and I would look rediculous for bringing a white camera. I'm sure even regular hand dirt would start to show up.

I like the fact that pentax is trying something new but I wish it wasn't just something cosmetic. I would love to see higher ISO's and lower noise, and some time in the future a full frame body.
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My grimy paws would soil it in a second. Gimme dirt hiding black any day.


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If it helps selling why not, but I'll stay with black.

for those who want to be extravagant, the 2000 covered with swarowski crystals.

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Old Dec 17, 2008, 9:48 AM   #15
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penolta wrote:
How about a K30 in camo? Fits with the "rugged outdoor" equipment image. :idea:
but then theres a risk youll put it down an not be able to find it :lol:

i dont like the white camera, i can see it gettingdirty looking veryquickly.
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I kind of like the white camera and lens, remember Canon's higher level lenses are white and look quite appealing.

As far as camo for the K10/K20/ future K30...I think this would be a good option. I know when I'm taking wildlife/bird shots I wouldn't mind having the advantages of the extra concealment of camo, during the summer here, anyways. Winter...that's a different deal...white would be better.

Hunting scopes and rifles (some) use camo effectively.

Someone mentioned pink, blue, etc. Uggghhhh. I think Canon will probably go that route first, considering the fact that they use one of the younger pop singing stars (can't recall her name) that is featured in TV ads, promoting the entry Canon DSLR. BTW, not a criticism of Canon, in fact kudos to them, for clever marketing to the younger segment. As a long time Pentax SLR owner, since '68, I have to say Pentax advertising is almost non existent. Needs to change IMO.

In the end my personal choice is black, especially the old metal bodied cameras...I still like to look at my ancient (bought new in '73) Pentax ES 11 black metal body with the black wearing off, revealing brass.

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Someone on another forum said Pentax should have taken a note from Apple and called it Snow or Winter Frost like my Nissan Altima instead of white.

I think it is kind of cool, although it wouldn't work for me since I do so much of my shooting in the field and I need all the camouflage I can get. I can't afford a winter camera and a summer camera, so I guess I am stuck with black.

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superakuma wrote:
Wow! That says it all! :shock:

Neat pic.
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superakuma wrote:
I agree Also
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