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I've been reading alot about the 20 and how prices have come down. Currently have a DL with the kit lens, an old tokina 28-105 auto lense which was pricey at the time, old film days, a manual tokina 80-200 and a quantaray 100-300 which is a quantaray.

question is would i be better off investing in some good lenses or upgrading to a new body. funds are limited so I can probably only do one or the other at least for now.
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That's actually a difficult question at the moment, the K20 is a wonderful camera and the prices are compelling.

Normally I would say buy better glass. Lenses (as you've discovered) last a long time and are a good investment. Cameras don't last as long and are more of a disposable item. Usually I'd say upgrade the camera when you find your current camera doesn't meet your needs - if you are happy with the quality and features your current camera has, why upgrade?

On the other hand, the K20 is so well priced, and its a significant upgrade compared to the DL that it's hard not to say jump on it right now. It might be your best chance to own an advanced camera for the price of an entry level camera.

If there's a feature on the K20 that you really want, then definitely get the camera. If there's a lens that you really want, then go for the lens. If you want both and can only afford one - flip a coin.
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Same advice as Harriet here. Good glass will last a lifetime but cameras should be changed when advancements make it easier to use.

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Hi there,

I have a DL as well, its a great camera and in a way I like the sensor better then my K10D. The only reason why I got the K10D was that I started to do some professional work where a 2nd body is needed for backup.

In any case - the DL is a fine camera and would satisfy many people's photography needs. I would probably get a new lens unless there is something in the new camera that you absolutely need.

Below are some of my pics from my DL.

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The other thing to think about, if you haven't already got it, is a good flash unit.

Take care,

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A good lens will bring out the best in a camera, but a good camera will also bring out the best in a lens. The higher resolution sensor in the K20 will bring out the highest resolution your lenses are capable of - and those lenses are not all that bad (your Quantaray was almost certainly made by Sigma back then). Remember that your film lenses are full frame, so the sharpest part of the lens (the central "sweet spot") is said to be the portion seen by the smaller digital sensor, so if true better performance should result. Many users of advanced cameras on this forum actively acquire and make good use of older lenses. Good buys on lenses come along frequently, but good buys like this on cameras are not so often found. The K20 is advanced enough that it should be a long time before it is seriously eclipsed for most purposes. I would go for the body - there is always another lens.
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