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I got an extra Pentax battery as well and as mentioned in the post above I sleep well as a result. I've heard others have luck with other batteries and I'm glad they work for those people. A few extra dollars for my peace of mind is well worth it to me. Just one old man's opinion and it may not be a correct one either....but it is just the way I approach such matters.

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i think id have to agree with the last two posts, a few extra pounds is worth it for the peace of mind

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I have been using an Imapact battery and several K-Ms With no problems. The K-Ms were OEM for Minolta and K-M (now Sony) cameras (all of which have the same power requirements as Pentax) and should be as reliable as the OEM Pentax batteries. They were originally much more expensive than now - Sony now brands their own, so B&H must have bought the remaining stock from K-M cheap and is able to heavily discount them.
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I see points both ways. The reason I was willing to go the KM one was it was OEM. I don't actually "have" my gift certificate yet. Just know what it is because they shipped it direct from the store - well, the Brooklyn Navy Yard it says. I opened it not knowing what it was. So, it sits with our other gifts. Not under a tree, as we've decided with everything that's happened to forgo one this year. It will be strange, but....... Anyway, I'll wait until I "open" it and order something then.

Oh, and the camera shipped today. I'm hoping someone out there decides they will be nice and deliver it Wednesday instead of Friday. UPS ground. They'll be in my neighborhood for sure this week.:idea:

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