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HP B9180, for the pigmented ink (lfade resistant)and 13" x 19" print size. Actually I have done 13" x 38" Pano with sheets that size from Red River Paper. Uses eight different individual ink cartridges.

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Two HP printers, both the same model. HP 7760. Still works fine. I don't have a need to do anything larger than 8.5x11. I find as I have read that HP is better for black and white if that is your thing. That is why I have two. I don't want to recalibrate when switching cartridges.

The other thing about HP is that the print head is always new with each cartridge. It is not with Epson nor Canon. I find that having to help friends out in getting their clogged nozzles with the latter two to be a pain. I never had to do it with my HP. I am sure others print often enough to never experience such problems with Epson or Canon but it does happen due to my making house calls to deal with this problem.

I am partial to black and white and many people find it to have the film like quality they remember.

Any of the three, HP, Canon, and Epson produce incredible prints. One may look into a CIS (continuous ink system) if they are serious about their printing their own shots.
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Late response here (was out of town). I have an inexpensive Epson Ink Jet (cost about $69 three years ago) and I use it strictly for priniting text..i.e. I do not print photos at home. Anytime I want prints, I simply upload them to Sam's Club and pick them up within the hour from my neighborhood Sam's Club. For 90% of my needs, Sam's does a reasonable job. If I need professional quality printing, I use Printroom.com and have had exceptionally good results. With the cost of ink cartridges, doing my own printing seems to be an expensive proposition for me and I could never replicate the quality of the traditionally printed photo.
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I have three printers...

1) Epson 3800 Pro
2) Epson PictureMate Snap
3) Brother 5150 Black and White Laser Printer

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I've also been away from the Internet for several days, so am only responding now. We have an HP 5610 all-in-one for routine day-to-day printing, and it does a very respectable job for printing photos. For "serious" photo printing, several years ago I bought an HP Photosmart 8450. I don't know if it's still in production, but it's certainly a fine printer. Unfortunately it only goes up to 8 1/2 x 11. After a while, however, I got tired of all the headaches associated with printing at home. We now send out most of our photo printing to Adorama, and we've been very pleased with the work they do.
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I use aCanon ip5200R, which has wireless capability, although I have it hard-wired to a wireless network (easier to setup and access). Very happy with quality. My second Canon. Earlier printers years ago were HP but I spat the dummy over their ink cartridge prices.

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Old Dec 29, 2008, 11:20 PM   #27
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I've got an H-P 3310 All-in-One... hooked up to my wirelesss network at home. It's not a bad printer at all in terms of quality and the different color inks all come in different containers.

Two issues: Because I don't print every day (photos, documents, whatever) every time I print something, I have to wait while "device maintenance is occuring." Also, photo paper never seems to move through the printer completely straight.

I also have a little Epson PictureMate Snap hard-connected to my iMac. Printing 4x6 snaps is quick and easy with this machine.
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Old Dec 30, 2008, 1:18 AM   #28
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Two printers: Epson C86 for general printing and B&W. It does very nicely at printing photo note cards which I sell a few of through local general store. It has been a real workhorse and I couldn't begin to guess how many ink carts I have gone though.

Epson R1800 for color glossy photos. Superb output, to say the least. It bests the local photo labs hands down. Ink cost is really the only drawback, other than not giving me decent B&W (but I expected that). Have only had one problem with clogging, and it was easily corrected.

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Thanks for the additional input everyone. Interesting mix of printers we have. Also, I see we aren't the only ones with the two printer set up. It only makes sense. Why waste the expensive ink on printing web pages or letters.

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still using my old hp deskje t948c
i dont print much
so until it stops working i will keep using it

at work i have had a few printers that came up with the message that it needed a service, or the waste ink tank was full and it was cheaper to get a new printer than get these fixed
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