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That reminds me. I've been wanting to replace our old (5-6 years) HP Photosmart 7350 printer for a while. Mostly because I'm tired of buying a whole new color cartridge ever time one color runs out. Saw that HP had some specials now through the 3rd. But, my hubbie wants to look at Epson's instead as he says that's what the professionals use. I like HP's for the bottom paper feed and have always liked the quality of the prints. We use an HP Laser 1020 for basic black and white web dumps, etc.

I know this is all personal preference, but I'm just curious. What printer do you use?

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Hi Patty,

I have two printers here.

The one I use is the HP Deskjet 5650. It is a decent enough printer.

My wife has an old HP 1210 All-in-One.

I'm thinking about replacing both within the next two months.

My issue is whether I should replace both printer with two good photo printer and add scaners to both computers.

I've also thought about trying to install a wireless network printer that we both can use.

So, like you, I'm looking for the same advice.

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I also have two printers. A laser printer that I got about 5 years ago that is still going strong. It is a Samsung ML-1710 that I bought for $50 refurbish. I use that to do all my general non photo printing.

Just a few months ago I bought an Epson All-in-One printer, the RX680. I hardly print photos and when I do, this does a good enough job for me. The scanner also does a pretty good job. Instead of me bringing out my dedicated Canon photo scanner, I use this now. There are times when I still use the Canon to achieve a better scan.

With that being said, if I need to print something that I don't need right away, I do it at Costco. Much cheaper and I can bring bigger than 8.5x11.

I wouldn't buy something based on what "pros" use. If you did that, you would be using a Canon or Nikon camera. Yes pro do use Epson printers, but they also use Canon printers as well. If you are looking to print something bigger than 13" than I would look at Epson or Canon. But HP does make some really good photo printers as well for the home use. Also you can get there ink for a really good price at Costco.

The reason why I bought the Epson instead of a Canon or HP was because I got it for a really good price and I liked the feature it offer.
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I like the Epson.

I had an Epson R200. Without calibration, it gave a really nice print. Then I tried to get fancy and do that ink refill system and missed up the printer.

I had to get another printer to print proofs for clients, so I got the all-in-one Epson RX595 & again, really nice prints without calibration or anything.

+ The all-in-one RX595 has ports for a USB key, SD Ram (For my Pentax K100D), XD Ram (for my Fujifilm Point-And-Shoot) & Compact Flash (for my Nikon) so I can go direct from the memory card & it has a little colour screen which makes selecting which picture to print really easy. [Also does Sony's memory stick.]

Full bleed to 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 & 8.5x11 (which I just had to do this Xmas).

And so easy to use that when my dad saw how easy it was, he picked one up for himself and now he and my mom just go direct from memory card to print all by themselves whenever they want.

I had HP before and wasn't happy with the colour.

Only $90 cdn here in Canada right now. Ink is $20 cdn per colour. There are 6 colours. A mix pack is available for between $57 cdn & $78 depending on where you shop.

Nice. Easy. Convenient. And my wife and daughter don't have to wait too long to get pictures!

Take care,

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i had 2 replies washed away and i'm tired..

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I have this one....http://www.kodak.com/US/en/corp/pres...0FactSheet.pdf

Works great. The High end Epsons made principally for photography will do lsarger photos and do them well. I could not justify the extra cost so I got the Kodak 5500. Really does a great job for up to 8x10's. Can't beat the cost of the ink either...They have a new one out that only costs around $99.00. Saying that if you can afford it the Epsons do a bit better job.
Here are some links for the Epsonprinters...http://www.normankoren.com/printers.html

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all i can say is go CANON !!
i've got 3 canons and they have great results
recently we got a canon ''all in one'' for $80 or $30 after rebate..
i did not think it would give lab results but it does..
i also have a ip6000d and a pro9000..
also, canon makes it real easy to refill. i get ink for $47delivered.. that 8.5 refills for all 8 colors. if i use canons ink it would would cost $850.. + tax?

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Hi Patty,

I've used Canon printers for the last 4-5 years, and am completely satisfied. Before my current IP6000D, I had an i860, and if it hadn't died due to my own carelessness, I'd probably still have it. . .

The main reason for the Canon is economy. The IP6000D is, IIRC one of the last model series that used the easily refillable, relatively high ink capacity, individual color ink cartridges, and an optical system to determine when the ink runs out. The newer series use a chip on the cart, and when it runs out the first time, it won't indicate an empty cart for subsequent refills.

I refill the ink with MSI bulk inks, and it costs about $1.00/refill, and the carts are good for between 5-10 refills each. For proofs, I use IBM Heavy weight Matte photo paper (which I bought a ton of when they discontinued it) which cost me less than 2ยข/8.5x11 sheet, so either two 5x7 or one 8.5x11 proof costs me only a couple of cents each at most.

Before getting my Acer Aspire One, I used to print 5x7 proofs of all my processed keepers, so printed maybe 100-200 sheets per month. I now use the netbook to display my shots (using an external monitor if I want a larger display) -- much easier to carry around and store. With QImage installed on the Aspire One, I can also hook into other peoples' systems and print (on their printer and paper :-) ) if they might want a copy. Otherwise, I'll use a commercial printing service for larger prints, or prints that I want to have optimum permanence.

My past experience with Epson printers wasn't good. I experienced too many head clogs, and the heads were neither easy to get at or easily replaceable, so this was a real problem. These were mostly lower end printers from quite a while ago, so the experience with their better photo printers might be different.

I also like the IP 6000D because of the bottom feed cassette which I keep loaded with standard paper, and the gentler top feed which I use for the heavier weight photo papers. The bottom feed is, IMO not ideal for the heaviest photo papers because it bends the sheets 180 degrees around a relatively thin roller during the printing. The top feed only bends the paper about 60 degrees.

. . . and finally a little rant -- It seems that the mfgs are concentrating on all-in-one printers/fax/scanner/copiers now -- I think that although this probably satisfies the larger market of small, home offices and idividuals who just want something that works and takes up as little space on the desk as possible. It does not suit me -- as in just about everything that has to do with computers, I'd rather choose the components that best fit into my uses than buy one device to do multiple tasks.

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Hi Patty

HP here. Several years ago My 7530 Died and i replaced with an HP 8250. I Like the printer although it Is several years now. It has the seperate Cartricges So you only replace the Colors that Run out.
Quite frankly i Only use it if i want to print a Single picture for my Use. Anything Else i have found it cheaper to just send it of to a Photo Printer ( I like Shutterfly).

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Hi Patty,

I had nothing but Epsons for years (as in over 25 - from dot matrix to ink jets). I swore by them. They became way too much trouble - went down hill very fast. I got so mad that I will never use anothr Epson product ever again. So, I went to an HP down in my office, and had a Brother all in one here, in the rec room. The brother was nothing but trouble, and dumped it - as it was broken by design (actually my wife got so mad with it that as I drove up the drive way, she was dumping it in the trash can). Replaced it with a Canon all in one (MP530) at $100 with a $40 rebate a year ago. When the HP dies, it will be replaced by a Canon also. I am absolutely sold on Canon for printers. Individual ink cartridges for each color, along with 2 black cartridges. Prints perfect. Our oldest son who is at college in Flagstaff has had a Canon for the last 3 years and it just keeps going and going and going...

Our youngest son has been printing off his color portfolio for college, and it has done nothing but perfect.

From here on out, I am sold on the Canon all in ones. They (well at least the model I am using) prints great, scans great, does a really good job copying, and the FAX just works first time every time.

I have not been printing out a lot of images, however - I do have a couple that I want to print and put up on the wall. For thoes, I am considering sending them out for a large mat printing, at one of the web image printers.

That said, I have been sitting here surfing the web with the TV on and there has been about 5 Kodak printer commercials in the last hour or so. Their sales pitch is low cost ink and great image printing. Have not seen one in action, but that might also be a potential option.

Hope that helps....
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