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Goldwinger wrote:
Well it may sound crazy but, yeah, I'd love to go!
I didn't know they had gorillas in Colombia though... oh wait,
you said guerillas!
oh well, some times you just have to do what you have to.

as long as I get to take along my camera I'll still go.:G
When I was a graduate student several of us were invited by a Columbian student to visit at her family ranch. Her father nixed it - he wouldn't be responsible for our safety!

I'll take the gorillas every time!

Kjell - be careful! aranoid:
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Goldwinger wrote:
You really cracked me up!
that's a great picture.
No, yours are great. Actually they did give me something to look forward to, something toencourage me that there will be another spring, that there is hope of someday seeing that bigyellow ball up in the sky again (I think they call it the sun) ................................ as I scrape the perma-frost off my windshield.
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Kjell, I had a Foreign Exchange Student from Columbia who invited me down to the family estate and his father also told me it was not safe at that time to visit.

Good luck and be careful on your trip down there, at least the weather is warm and sunny most of the time.

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