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[img]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/ADMINI%7E1/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-3.jpg[/img]OK, one more try.

I little background first. I'm used to using a pentax K1000, I'm not scared of manual.

I recently bought a Pentax K10D, and there's just too much that the camera tries to do itself. I don't own any autofocus lenses, bout the only thing automatic is the aperture on my 50mm.

I can't figure out how to get the camera to give me an exposure meter while letting me set the aperture and the shutter speed myself. I'm sure it's in the user's man(;ual, but if you've seen it, you can guess why I'm here.

I'm not good with automatic, automatic takes bad pictures (least in my case). any help would be much appreciated.
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Hi and wecome to the forum. I've got a K20D, which is similar I think. Whats wrong with putting the top left dial on M for manual. Then it's up to you to dial aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Manual enough? But don't neglect the other settings: shutter priority, and aperture priority. They really are very good!


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Welcome to the Friendly Pentax Forum!

To be able to use your older K and M-lenses (I guess your 50 mm is a manual focus A-lens) you have to get into the menues (Spec settings, the last menue) and set "Use aperture ring" or something like that (my menues are in Swedish) to "Allow".

Only after doing that you can set the aperture with the aperture ring on the lens (or rather, only then the camera can "read" your setting). With your 50 mm A-lens, always keep it on "A" and use the thumbwheel on the camera to set the aperture.

Then, to read your exposure, use the on/off button to do a stop-down metering. In the viewfinder you will see how correct the exposure is in steps from -3 EV to +3 EV. Adjust with the shutter speed or aperture till you get +-0. With your A-lens this stopping down is not necessary, with that you just do what you used to do with your K1000.

And you also have to put the front lever (just beside the lens mount) to "MF" (manual focusing).

Reading the manual is a bit of a pain, but I'm afraid you simply can't jump it. The K10D is a picture-taking computer, and to make it do what you want it to do you must be familiar with it's buttons, wheels, levers and menues. Readingthe manualis just as fun as exchanging the exhaust pipe on your car, and just as unavoidable.

Hope this was some help. Welcome back with more questions.


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I miss the simplicity of my K1000. I know how to get the camera to let me use manual aperture settings, I've used it quite a bit since I've had it, I'm just trying to find my way into the more technical areas. I have the camera left on M, I just wanted it to tell me as much as my old camera did.

I'm just a tad frustrated that I can't find a setting the will just leave the exposure meter on all the time.

I figured out that "turn the on switch all the way" trick, and I may just have to use it that way.

What frustrates me about the user manual is that it assumes I got the 18-55 f 80 (just joking about the f-stop) lens that came with the camera/lens kit. I got the body only kit because I already had lenses. And I hate autofocus lenses because either the f-stops usually are inordinately high or the price is.
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Just follow Kjell's advice and set the top wheel at M, the lever by the lens at Manual and you should be good to go, although if you don't go into the Custom Settings and allow aperture ring your lenses will not meter properly.

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I have a K1000 and before that a Pentax S1a (1968) that makes a K1000 seem like a P + S.:-)

I now have a K10D and there are so many settings on this camera to 'customize' how, what you want to make the camera do that you can set it to your hearts content. I've had my K10D over a year and I'm still learning...I love it.

When I first got it, it was quite a challenge for me, even though I've been a serious hobbyist for 40 + years and have many mechanical cameras...such as Mamiya-Sekor, Leica, etc.

I'm older and I found the K10D's electronic menus, etc. confusing. The manual was ok but still written a little over my non-electronic head.

What worked for me to explore what the K10D could do, was to get a K10D book by Yvonne Bourque and also get the Peter Burian book on the K10D from Magic Lantern.

I've gone through these books, along with the manual, page by page...reading and then trying things out. It's worked for me and I enjoy the K10D much more, knowing how to use it to it's utmost.

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You mentioned wanting to keep the meter on all the time. That would sure eat up batteries. You can adjust the meter operating time - default is 10 sec. but it can be set to 30 sec. It's under the custom setting menu - not sure what number it is on the K10, I have the K20 now.

With A lenses you see how the aperture/shutter speed combination changes with adjustments, since the camera can control both. With M lenses, you have to use the lever to stop down the lens, as you've discovered. I usually set the aperture on the lens, push the green button and see what shutter speed the camera would set - then adjust the shutter speed from there.
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i like my old k1000 to =o
and now have a K10D which i like to use on manual also with my old lenses

mine is set to M
and to allow the aperture ring
the "light meter reading " seems to be on all the time when i am using the camera
(half press the shutter )
you can get an instant exposure by pressing the green button on the top
then turn the wheel to change the speed if you want
i like to slightly underexpose (as i used to do eith slides) or expose for the highlights
and i played with the sharpness, saturation settings too

keep playing and reading the book (and ask questions) and have fun

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