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robar wrote:
i grew up in S. Louisiana. i'm just posting what we called them. truthfully we considered all snakes as venomous. it was safer like that. i've handled many snakes that were not dead. many parts of the state you just did not let your kids(say under 7) outside without supervision. i've never been bitten but know of a few others that have.. drP's post makes a good point......

ed?? where is harris county in florida.. it's houston here in texas.

The article was refering to harris county in Texas.
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robar wrote:
truthfully we considered all snakes as venomous. it was safer like that.
Uh..... Yes Sir!
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ok, here's a little story about this kind of snake..
i've sailed boats most of my life. it was a beautiful week end here and i went out on a fellow slip owners boat.. his brother was in town and bill wanted to impress him so we sailed out without using the outboard.. bill was below doing whatnots and i was at the helm drinking my beer and talking to his brother. we got out to the middle of the lake and heeled quite a bit and i felt something wet on my foot.. thinking i'd spelt some beer on it i looked down and saw this snake about 42'' long and around the size of my forearm crawling across it. i went from sitting in the cockpit to squating on the gunnel on tiptoes. how i did this i'll never know.. needless to say that the boat got rather hectic for a minute or two.. on the way back in bill and i were talking and he asked if i could just forget about the snake.
i looked him and told him NO WAY.. i'll get too much milage out of the tale..

me?? i wonder if vicki(wife) is still making him search the boat before she'll board it again.. they've upgraded to a larger boat a couple of times.. i've another tale about this also..
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