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I'm curious if anyone has had difficulty with using SDHC cards in a K20D. I purchased a Kingston 4G SDHC card and it only works in the camera if I am in single shot mode. If I use exposure bracketing for instance it will attempt to write the images and then give a "file not saved" error message. I have used numerous 2G cards with complete reliability in all shooting modes and the 4G Kingston works fine in my friends Nikon D90 in all shooting modes.:sad:
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I've used Transcend and Sandisk Extreme III 4 GB SDHC cards since getting my K20, and have had no problems. With some models, there have been firmware updates related to SDHC compatibility, but the K20 is new enough that it hasn't been necessary.

A suggestion:

Did you format the card in the camera? If not, this might help.

A very outside possibility is that the write protect switch is displaced -- check that it is all the way in the proper position. I'd also rub the contacts with a pencil eraser to make sure there isn't anything on them.

One last real outside possibility -- charge up the battery so it's fully charged, format the card in the camera, then try it.

If none of this works, I'd have to assume some strange card incompatibility -- at least you could sell it to your friend, then try another brand.

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Strange that it only appears to function in one mode & not the others. I'm using a 4G & 16G with my K10 (must be the same interface as the K20) with no problems.

My wife sometimes gets a card error using SDHC, but ejecting the card & re-inserting it cures it & all subsequent images are readable.

The suggestions in the previous post are sound - always format the card in the camera to ensure 100% compatability.

Kingston SDHC is reputable manufacture - I use Kingston Memory (2G, 4G, 16G) with no problems & they are guarenteed for life.
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I use a SanDisk Ultra II 4 GB HC card rated for 15 MB/s and have had no issues with use in the K20D.
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i use 4Gb sandisk extreme III cards with no problems

there is a firmware update for the k20d on the pentax website, (v1.01) although im not sure it fixes card issues, it still might be worth updating it if its not allready.
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Thanks to all who replied. I had downloaded and installed the latest firmware update, formated the card in camera several times and was still only able to reliably save images in single shot mode. Since several other 2G cards worked 100% even in the reduced resolution burst mode of 21 frames per second mode it seems like it can't be a buffering problem in the camera. Cards are cheap enough that I will probably try a Sandisk and see what happens. It may be awhile before I get around to it but I'll post my results. This has been the only "hiccup" with the camera, I really do like it a lot.
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I've got a Sandisk Ultra II either a 4 or an 8 G card and have never had problems. I've used it for a bit of the low-res burst mode and some 3 and 5 exposure bracketing (one shutter push) without problems, and I was shooting raw+ at the time. I haven't tried it with regular continuous shooting.
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