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kazuya wrote:
very nice, that lense is the bees knees
Hi Kazuya,

It's certainly a good one. It'll be some time before I can use it close to its potential. . .

Lyrics51 wrote:
Scott, those are fantastic.* Clear as a bell and excellent exposure.* Really nice.
Hi Glenn,

Thanks! Got lucky on some of these. I usually shoot Av priority, but the camera decided to change to Tv for some of the shots -- ended up using smaller apertures than I was assuming -- at 1/100, a bit slower than I wanted.

jelpee wrote:
Recession...DA*300...Recession...DA*300...Recessio n...DA*300...aaarrrgh
Hi jelpee,

Tell me about it. I figure I've done my part for the economic recovery -- and for LBA in general . . . until the next time. . .:roll:

ennacac wrote:
Nice shots, but then for 2K, I would expect it to be good. A friend has one and he can't get it to focus properly with his K20D, but yours seems to work just fine.
Hi Tom,

It's a work in progress. It'll take a lot more shots for me to get it sorted out -- it seems to be spot on close, but I might have to dial in some focus point correction for longer distances. I'd be totally bummed if it didn't look to be significantly better than the Tamron or the Sigma.

bigdawg wrote:
Gorgeous photos and sharp as a tack. Well....Do ya think this is worth it?* See... LBA can bring good things into your life. These go well to explode the "TC's can't give you sharp photos" theory. And double stacked at that. Was the focus hard to get a lock? I see you went to f/9 on one. To me #6 is the sharpest at f/4.5. Were you closer on that one? And how much crop was in these?

Hi Dawg,

I've never been a proponent of the "TCs degrade IQ terribly" camp. Why take someone else's word for it? Stacking the TCs has worked for me, so I'll continue to try it with appropriate lenses. The way I see it, since I already own the TCs, might as well try 'em.

The f9 was because I knocked the mode dial from Av to Tv. I really wanted to try out the widest apertures only, but the camera had different plans. #6 was probably from about 8 ft, and was uncropped IIRC. Focus locked on all the shots with minimal hunting. The Nuthatch was ISO 640, 1/60, f4.5 (lens at f2.8) and the Downy was ISO 1250, 1/320, f4.5 (lens at f2.8)-- but the light was actually about the same because the Downy shot was underexposed, so I had to bring up the levels some.

mtngal wrote:
Awesome shots! They are so sharp, and with stacked TC. What a lens!
Hi Harriet,

I was hoping to be absolutely blown away with the IQ wide open, but I was probably being a bit too optimistic considering the already high bar set by the Tamron and the Sigma. I have to say that handling wise, once I eliminate size and weight from the equation, the FA* just works better. Unfortunately, at this class of lens, one has to pay an inordinate amount more to see a relatively small improvement in IQ.

nhmom wrote:
Fantastic shots!
Hi Patty,


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