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Tom - The camera store that's local to my office has a camera expo in December every year. In past years I've looked at flashes (and bought the 540 because of what I saw), wide angle (and bought the 12-24 over the 10-17 FE because of trying them), got shown how easy it was to install firmware updates (the rep updated my K100), and made me drool over the 77 Limited, (which I finally bought 2 years after seeing it for the first time).

I was SO disappointed when there wasn't a Pentax rep there this year! I was looking for a lens in the 200mm range and really wanted to check out the DA*200 f2.8 and DA*300 (with the thought of replacing the A*300 so I could get auto focus). I still haven't seen the lenses, I still doubt I'd want that heavy a lens vs the quality gain/functionality I would get. I would have loved to shoot with both the DA 55-300 and the DA*200, which would have convinced me one way or the other. Instead, I played it safe and bought the DA 55-300. Now I'm going through second guessing my decision which is driving me nuts, and Pentax lost out on the possibility of selling a much more expensive lens (or two).

Hoya - I hope someone is reading this board!
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When I contacted Pentax about the problem I'm having with the SDM controls on my K20, I chatted a couple of minutes with the tech rep and made a comment about what I consider the two biggest drawbacks of the K20--the AF system and the burst rate. I said I hoped they were set to improve the camera in those areas, and the rep certainly didn't tell me that they were coming out with a new camera, but said something to the effect of "Keep your ears open. We may have some new toys for you."

Pentax has to continue to develop or it will definitely perish. No one can stand pat in a market in which technology develops so fast. There are no guarantees in today's economy, but I look for them to still be active in some configuration.

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jvanwees wrote:
I am thinking of buying a new Pentax dSLR but I read on another forum (dpreview.com) that Pentax sales are declining & that they may not be around in 5 years. If that is the case it would probably be better to go with a different brand. Anyone have comments on this?
I looked at your posting history and saw that you have spent quite a lot of time in the Sony camp. I guess with their losses for this year, they will not be on your radar either? Even Canon and Nikon have been in the financial dumps this year.

I bet you do not have a new GM or Chrysler car in the old garage either?

It all comes down to what you can afford. If you do not have a history with a DSLR brand - then look for the most bang for the buck. Take what the "Pros" use with a huge grain of salt - some of them, ironically the least vocal of them, get discounts from the manufactures directly or through the companies they work for. Sometimes people (like me) stay with a particular brand because they owned an earlier version of the camera. I got my first Pentax due to my Fujica 35mm cameras getting stolen (note I said camera to replace cameraS). When I made the choice to go Digital with Pentax - it was because I it made it easy and cheap to have a digital body with two lenses.

If you have no history - do the research and pick what is best for you. List to pros, cons, price, availability etc. and make the choice. If you always wait for the next best model - you will never buy anything. If you are worried about lifespan of the parent company - will in these times even GM (remember the phrase "as GM goes so goes the country") is on the ropes.

Just do it - once you do it - don't keep looking - go out and take pictures.

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I used a Minolta SLR for over 30 years, and, when I finally dipped in to digital, got a Minolta SLR-like camera. When it was time for DSLR, Minolta was gone. I more than got my money's worth from both the film and digital, (which I still use, by the way).

My choice for DSLR was Pentax. It still would be, even if I knew the company would fold in a year or two. I expect to be still using my *istD ten years from now (presuming I live that long) . If you are a 'gearhead', who buys lots of lenses, and dedicated accessories, then the viability of the maker may have more relevance to you. If you do it for the photography, get what makes sense to you and enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

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In 1970 I was able to pick up a Spotmatic II when I was in the Navy. I still have it on the shelf. Several years ago I picked up a Canon SD500, and used it on several vacations, which prompted me to go looking for a dSLR. Mtnclimer - Sara, suggested Pentax, since my old M42 55/1.8 lens would be usable. Thus my current K100D. I am thinking about maybe a new body, but I'am still am learning about unused functionality in my current one, but the K20D appears to have everything I would ever need.

I have been acquiring lenses - all Pentax 10-17, 12-24, 16-45 and the 55-300. I have moved away from the kit 18-55 and 50-200 along with the 75-300 that I picked up as a stop gap. I have managed to stay away from getting the fast lens LBA - so far, but if I was worried about Pentax, I would have held back on my last 2 purchases in the last 8 months - the 12-24 and 55-300, and the price was reasonably substantial.

I have been saving for a new body, waiting to see the K30/300 offerings if they actually come out this year. I may upgrade. I waited through September to see if they would announce the 11-16/f2.8 in Germany before I just went ahead with the 12-24 (which is rarely off my K100).

I like the Pentax brand - and for some reason always have. Like the glass, the colors and the sharpness. I like the body size and the price performance - bang for the buck.

I picked up a Panasonic LX3 f2 P&S due to the size and overall luggage needs for traveling. However, what I find I am doing is scouting scenes (while on business travel) I want to bring the big iron (Pentax) back to, so as to be able to get the really good shots.

So overall, I think (and hope) that Pentax will be around for a good long while. I still plan to buy as I can without any worry.
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"In the long run, we're all dead"

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946)
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The technical partnership with Samsung offers Pentx the electronics R&d muscle to keep producing up to date cameras for their excellent optics.

If this partnership continues I hope the K20d will be seen as only a very small first step on the journey.
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