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Now that I've been playing around with a reflector, I'm thinking of getting a remote (and a tripod, but that's another story). My first thought was to get a wireless remote - I'm all for avoiding cords and ease of use. My primary purpose would be so I can put the camera on something, hold the reflector and fire the camera with the remote. This would often be somewhere other than the house, with impromptu set-ups. And since I'd be holding the reflector, I wouldn't necessarily be directly in front of or behind the camera, but I won't be far away from it.

So my question is, should I get both the wireless and wired remote? Or skip one? I'd really like to avoid the wired remote if the wireless will work for what I want to do.

Does anyone use the wireless remote the way I want to?
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I haven't used my remote a ton, but I believe it would definitely work for what you are looking for. I bought the one that B&H has. Only thing I would like better about it is it having some sort of hole in it to attach to a cord to wear around your neck for quick access. But, it works from any direction I am shooting it from (behind camera, in front, on side, etc). I forget what the range of it is, but I recently used it about 10 feet away with no problem.

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I have bought two or three of the little cheapie generics off ebay, and they have worked well. My only problem with them would be alleviated by Patty's suggestion--I keep losing them.

I would think they would work perfectly for what you describe; in fact, I may steal your idea and try it........IF I can find my remote.

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I have both the wired and wireless Pentax remotes. They both work in its basic functionality very reliably. There are a few issues with each one though. First with the wired remote, the cord is only 18" long. I have added a coiled extension (one that fits a cell phone jack from Motorola) to get me the extension that I need.

The wireless remote needs to be within the angle of view of the sensor on the front or the rear of the camera. Finally, the wireless remote will not permit you to lock the shutter down for long exposures on B. No issues with losing the wireless remote since it conveniently stores inside the K20D Battery Grip.

I typically use the wired remote except for the self taken family portrait where the wireless remote is easy to use and conceal out of the view.

They are both relatively inexpensive--I'd get 'em both!
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I will echo exactly what jelpee said. I have the exact same setup for the same reasons.

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I have both and agree with Jelpee as well. The wireless remote is fine if you just want to remotely trigger the camera, like for a self portrait or when using the camera set up near a bird feeder but... If you want long exposures you need the wired remote. I have a genuine Pentax wireless remote and a cheap generic wired remote, both work well as advertised.
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Hmmm - 3 people say get both, several say I shouldn't have trouble if I'm standing beside the camera. I hadn't thought about using the remote in bulb mode, that's an idea.

I don't have a grip - I tried one when the K10 came out but found it too large for my short fingers - I had trouble using the focus/zoom ring. I figured that if I kept them in one of the pockets of my camera bag I should be OK. And now I'm beginning to regret not getting the Kata 3N1 bag - it has a place to add a tripod, which the Lowepro doesn't. I'll have to think more about all that.

Any other suggestions? I remember Roy posting directions how to make your own wired remote, but I'm not handy that way, and don't own a solder gun. So I'll end up buying one.
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Hi Harriet,

I've both a wired (the Canon EOS one, which is cheaper than the Pentax version, but not as inexpensive as some of the oriental knockoffs) and the Pentax F IR remote. I can't believe that I haven't lost the Pentax F though -- it's so small. . .

I've found the IR remote to be the most useful for my purposes -- good to about 10-15 ft, and with the dual IR sensors on the K10 and K20, positioning isn't too much of a problem. I always carry a small sheet of aluminum foil and some type of tape in my bag, and can use the foil as a reflector if I'm at a wierd angle to the camera and need to use the remote.
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I have both wired and and un. and I use the wired more than the un. simply because you usally are using the remote when you have the camera on a tripod and I keep the un. in the battery grip and it's a hassel to take it out and set the camera up to use the remote and it leaves the red sensor light on and it drives me nutts.

The wired one cost more but it just seems handier.

Just my 28cents
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If you get one of the radio controlled remotes, you should be able to get around the issues with line of sight to the receiver (a problem with IR based remotes).

Gadget Infinity has one that's supposed to work with Pentax dSLR models here (and it's also supposed to support Bulb mode from what I can see of it's description).


They also sell some less expensive IR remotes.

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