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I finally decided to get a Pentax Dslr, having read the reviews of the k20d.

However, I have been offered a brand new k10d body for £270 (british pounds).
Clearly this around half price compared with retail in the UK.

I am very tempted to get this as it seems a crazy price for this camera, but am concerned about the negative reviews regarding lack of image sharpness.

Please can anyone tell be of their opinions/experience of this, and their opinion of what I have been offered.

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Just moved this to the Pentax section for you where you will probably get some answers to your questions.
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Not sure what these negative reviews on imagesharpness that you refer to...but the Pentax DSLR forum is very active with lots of images shared. If you browse through some of the threads you can see for yourself the kind of images being shot with various Pentax models including the K10D. I use a K20D...I'm sure one of our K10D members will pipe in on their experiences.

Re. the price, just make sure that your source is reliable and that you are not getting a camera that is in some way faulty or defective even though it may be sold as brand new.If your seller offers a money back guarantee,you should be OK. In the mean time, have fun browsing through the threads on this forum!
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I don't have a K10D, so I can't speak from first hand knowledge. However, my wife has a k200D, which has the same sensor as a K10, and she is delighted with the photos she gets. From what I have read, a small but significant percentage of K10Ds have front- or back-focus problems. That means that the autofocus system on a camera with this condition will consistently focus either slightly in front of or behind the intended subject. Obviously, that will cause a lot of frustration for the owner.

As I said, I have read that only a small percentage of K10s have this problem, but it's something to be aware of if this camera is being offered to you at a price that appears to be too good to be true.
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Took this with my K10D, looks sharp to me.

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One can never be satisfied that they have the best and latest because technology moves so fast. A year or so ago the K10 ruled the roost, and every Pentax user lusted after it. Then the K20 came out and the situation repeated itself. The K10D is a fine camera - whatever negative reviews you may have read were nit-picking or written by people who didn't have a thorough experience with it. The most important difference between the two cameras probably is the CMOS sensor of the K20, which is probably a superior technology, but most cameras now available still use the older CCD chip, and among these the K10D is in the top ranks. I have both, and whether there is a significant difference depends on the type of photography you do and what you expect in the way of results. If you are new to DSLRs, the K10 would be all you could handle and would be a great starter, albeit rather advanced for that role - it would be a while before you would exhaust its possibilities, by which time the K20 will also have been replaced. Many users on this forum have been satisfied with still older models than the K10. If money is an issue, go for the K10 and use the rest of the money for a good lens - that is more important than having the latest body. There are three important components of a good pbotograph: the photographer, the lens, and the camera - in that order!
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Hmmm - an interesting choice, K10 or K20. I've owned both cameras - sold my K10 when I upgraded to the K20. I don't regret my choice (I kept the lighter K100 as my back-up camera).

As far as image sharpness - I never quite understood where that came from at all (it was on a couple of review sites, I think they were splitting hairs). The K10 does a really good job. As far as the previously mentioned issue with auto focus problems - it appears to have affected the early models. Mine was one of them, but it took me a year before I figured it out. It was more pronounced with one particular lens and intermittent with another one. It took me a long time to realize it was the camera since I use manual focus lenses quite a bit, and put the problems I was having down to my mistakes, not the camera.

The K20's pictures are more vibrant than the K10's out of the camera. I preferred the natural setting with the K10's pictures as the bright mode was too over-the-top saturation for me. But it's easy to get the K10's pictures to look every bit as good as the K20 with minimal post processing. The K10's pictures at high ISO (i.e., 1600) to have more noise than the K20, and the K20 offers ISO 3200 (useable with noise reduction software) and ISO 6400 (only useable if it means not getting the shot at all). I avoided using 1600 with the K10, but often use it with the K20.

The K20 offers live view, which the K10 doesn't. I think I've used it 2 or 3 times - in my opinion, it's not a reason to choose the K20 over the K10.

Here's two pictures, they were taken at different times so they aren't comparison shots. They were taken with the same lens (Vivitar Series One 105 mm macro lens) and both were hand-held (they are rain drops on spider webs). One was taken with the K10 and one with the K20. Is the K10 any less sharp than the K20 shot?

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Harriet, those are seriously cool shots, both of them.

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I've had a K10D since November 2007. I've taken thousands of pictures with it, use Pentax lenses and frankly I find the K10D extremely sharp.
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I have owned a K10D ever since it first came out and have shot nearly 130,000 photos with mine. The lens you get to use with it and the technique means a lot as far as image quality goes. I've used over 60 different lens with mine and they all varied as far as the quality and sharpness of the image. I'm not one of those that is seeking images so sharp they cut the eyeballs since composition, color and contrast go a lot towards making a good photo, but here are a couple of photos that were taken with my K10D.


This one was shot with the Pentax DA 18-55mm kit lens.

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