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Well I went out this evening to try some things, one of which was HRD. I tried the 5 shot set. It all went fine except for the post processing using Picturenaut. The composite was fine, much better than any of the single frames, however after saving it in all the available formats - including tiff, I could not get anything to load it since it was marked internally as HDR, so as to resize and scale. So, here is the attempt - just one of the frames. Unfortunately, I find that none of my utilities has an alignment tool to level the image. Something tells me that I am going to have to break down andre-arm with some better tools.

One item that might be of interest is that on HDR or bracketing shots, especially at night (something I wanted to try), if your up against the lower f stop, the camera will compensate with adjusting the fstop and shutter speed so as to attempt to obtain the spread of EV as indicated.

I was trying to get the blue sky just at sunset, with the lights. The setup took longer than I anticipated, so I'll just have to remember that for next time. Also, to pick my location better, so as to not get someone's garage so well highlighted.
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Sounds like an excuse to buy PSE - that has a leveling tool. Or DXO has one too, but it isn't a complete stand-alone program for processing (it sure does an excellent job with raw though).

I've been playing around with the trial version of Photomatix. I discovered that it's very hard to hand-hold 5 frames without minute movement, even using a monopod. Also, if you want to stop the movement of a waterfall, don't bother with HDR. It does give you that blurred waterfall effect nicely. I've been using Av mode (or P where I've set a particular aperture) for the brackets, to keep the DOF the same in all frames.

I'm not familiar with Picturenaut - what color mode does it save in? I've been leaving the tiff files from Photomatix in 16 bit and then change it to 8 bit in CS4. You might want to check to make sure your program is saving to 8 bit - that could be causing some conflict with opening up the HDR tiff file, depending on what program you are using for resizing.

I see what you mean about the fellow's garage (can you clone it out?). Otherwise, the picture is lovely!
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I really like the night shot with the lights, it really works for me!

Well here is a shot of the GGB taken in the morning with so much glare on the ocean that a image was not possible without HDR. I took three images, one very over and one very under and one normal exposure then processed them in Photomatix with this as the result.

I think it did what I wanted in order to get the image I wanted, other than moving cars on the bridge were more of a problem than I anticipated.

I have had some issues with HDR progams where if the program didn't think the exposures were far enough apart it would not load them and process them as HDR.

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