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Simply amazing-thanks for posting these.
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bsmooth - I really like your first one. The one thing that makes a big difference with how fantasy-like a picture looks like is the strength and light-smoothing controls. More strength means more fantasy look. The light-smoothing buttons work the other way - the buttons toward the right will make the picture look more like a photograph, the ones on the left give more of a look like your last one.

While I strive more for the natural/photograph look, the fantasy look has it's place. I rather like your last one, though I think its a hair soft or needs a bit more mid-tone contrast. Otherwise, the fantasy look seems to compliment the picture. The middle one is the one I think is the weakest - you might try lowering the strength to get it to look more photo-like. And if that doesn't work, there are pictures that just don't work as an HDR.

It's not an exact science, and as Tom pointed out, forget it if there are moving people or cars. Though I did manage to deal with the people issue in one of the recent pictures I took in Sequoia - I just used Photoshop to move the people and a bit of background from one of frames to the HDR picture and that hid the blob that the people had become.
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Very good , lovely shots. The B&W is interesting, I quite like it. Out of the two, I like the second, a little softer that suits the shot with the light.

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Mtngal,yes I'm still trying to learn what works and what doesn't as far as HDR shots go.I'm still in the jeez I'm so excited stage,about HDR images in general.I've done some that don't even look like HDR,but look so much different in the shadows and other places they don't hardly even look like the originals.
But thats what makes new things so interesting and actully makes you want to go out and shoot !
But I'm still working on the HDR process,especially the taking of the images themselves.
I'm going to see If we can get an exclusive HDR category.
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Now the new K7 has an HDR function to combine 3 images into one in-camera and do all this for you! Time will tell if it lives up to the hype.
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