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Hi I bought a K100D off Ebay in the spring of 08. I 've had it roughly a year now and I've wanted to use the Kingston 4GB SDHC. That came with itbut doesn't accept it even though it has the ver 1.02 firmware. When I load the card into the camera all I get is the lines where the number of shots would be, I get this -- instead of 345 which is what the dane-elec 1GB card that I'm using now shows when loaded. Can anyone tell me why if my Pentax has updated firmware why won't it read the Kingston card. PLEASE HELP:?
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Welcome, I've moved your thread to our Pentax / Samsung dSLR Forum, where you'll find Pentax dSLR owners that may be able to give you some tips.

With some cameras, if a card has space left for more than 999 images, something else is displayed. I don't know if your K100D falls into that category or not. Have you tried taking photos with this card to see if it works or not?

If it doesn't work, try formatting it using your camera's menu choice for format and see if that solves it. If you can't format it using the camera, you may want to try reformatting in a card reader with this utility. You'll see a download link at the bottom of the page:


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I don't think I've tried to use an SDHC card in my K100 - it's got the updated firmware so I'll try it out when I get home this evening and let you know what it says with both a 4 and an 8 GB Ultra II card.
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I have a K100D and use 4GB SDHC cards. It will not show any display # other than 999 in JPEG until you reach 999 pictures and will begin to count down from there. If you change to RAW mode you will see about 374 shots on that card. The image counter only goes to 999.

In JPEG mode my San Disk 4 GB card holds 1468 images. This means you will take 469 pictures before you know how many pictures are left on the card. The only way around this is to only use 2GB cards.
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It might just be the card. Have you tried another brand 4gig card?

I use am 8gig SDHC on my K100D. (The camera handled it no problem. But my laptop needed a few driver updates to let me read the card. <grin>)

Just a while ago, I had some problems with my MP3 player. It would accept some 1gig cards, but not others.

Take care,

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I had that problem with non-HDSC cards, only it was the card reader, not the computer (it couldn't show images over a certain number) - I replaced it and could read the same cards with no trouble. Technology isn't fool proof. :sad:
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