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As an all-purpose lens, the Tamron was a good choice. Excellent pictures, but the second one suffers from inadequate separation of the close flowers from the background - the out of focus background (bokeh) in the last two is much better. The picture could have been improved with the use of fill-flash, which could have given more even illumination to the close flowers and darkened the background. At maximum extension and minimum focusing distance this lens is long enough that it might have cast a shadow with the built-in flash - if you got the external flash with your K-M (bundled with the US version) you could have used that with a couple of layers of handkerchief as a diffuser. If you used less than maximum extension the built in flash might have done the job. Otherwise, an auspicious start - congratulations, and welcome.
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Welcome to the our corner of the forum! Very nice series - looks like you could give us a few pointers on some things.

I've been told the Raynox will work well (I've considered getting an add-on macro lens of some sort myself) - of course, the sharper the lens you use it on the better the results. I'm pretty impressed with what you got with the Tamron - for an all-in-one, it does quite well. I ended up not buying the add-on, instead I got a macro reversing coupler ring (male to male threads) and have put a reversed 50mm lens on the front of my 105mm macro (that'll keep me occupied for a while). Since you are also going to use it for the S3 - its a better solution for you.

Your waterfall is expecially nice - did you use a tripod, and if so, what type do you have?
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Thanks so much for all the kind words of encouragement! Just having fun with my new "toy" - but glad you enjoyed. To me, that's one of the best aspects of photography - getting to share awesome places in the creation with others.

Yes Dawg - I've been playing with cameras for a long time. My first was a Brownie Hawkeye! My first SLR was a (at the time brand new) Praktica Nova.

Ronnie - thanks and will let you know how well the DCR 150 works.

Jelpee, Glenn and Monza - thanks for your kindness and encouraging words!

Penolta - thanks for the tip about fill flash. I did not get the kit with the flash, but might have some old ones hidden away around the house somewhere. Even the built-in flash might have helped. Thanks for the good reminder.

MtnGal - Yes, I did use a tripod - have a great little manfrotto 715shb that fits perfectly in a day pack - great for all day (or longer) on the trail. By the way, I spend a lot of time in the Eastern Mountains, but have never visited your Western high places. Your macro setup sounds amazing. I am looking forward to trying my old thread-mount extension tubes and 55mm lens.

Thanks again. Will keep checking in and (occasionally) posting as time permits.

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Hey Mole,
Just wanted to jump in here and welcome you to the forum.
Just a word of caution, when using older flash units with the new camera, be sure to check the trigger voltage first! some are high enough to mess up your new camera in a serious way! :shock: check out the flash forum here on the home page, there is a sticky post regarding trigger voltage that you will find most helpful.
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Welcome Mole. Your pictures are stunning. I've been noodling arond with photography for more than 30 years, and I haven't yet gotten to your level. I second what Goldwinger said -- be very careful about using an old flash on a new DSLR. With some older flashes, the trigger voltage can ruin a camera's circuitry.
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There are devices you can use with flashes that would be otherwise unsafe. I've read about them but haven't tried them - broke the battery cover on my old one so ended up buying a new 540 flash. I can use it wirelessly and that's a big help with macro. Can the KM operate a flash wirelessly?

And while it's been a long time since I was in the east - I'll never forget driving through the mountains of Virginia in autumn. We don't have anything even remotely that colorful out here.
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Welcome, as everyone else said, to our forum. You have some wonderful photos there. I'd say you could give me a few pointers.

By the way, I'm jealous of your 18-250. I just had to return the Pentax version tonight as I was having problems with it. Will be out looking for another one. And, since I saw that the Tamron version has macro, too, will be looking for it instead. Just hoping I can find one before my vacation in a few weeks.

Anyway, welcome and keep posting. I love your waterfall shot.

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Patty... if you're going to go with Tamron, go for the new 18-270mm lens. The extra telephoto range means you'll get an equivalent of 405mm instead of 375mm at the long end.
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These are some really impactful images!

Welcome to the Pentax Forum!

Take care,

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