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Hello Everyone,

I've been shooting a lot with my Pentax AF540FGZ flash & liking it. I've tried doing the index card with the elastic band and liking the result, but boy is flimsy.

I was digging around a little more about what diffuser / bounce I was going to get.

And I'm thinking this the Demb Flash Diffuser looks interesting.


But has anyone here used this thing?

What's your thoughts on how usable it is.

My use would be to help me control / modify the light for my people / family shots.

It looks like you have a little more control than the Gary Fong. And that's part of the fun I have taking pictures is all the fiddling with the controls.

I'd get the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro (medium size -- don't know whether to get the mat or shiny reflector) + the smaller reflector (just in case I find the thing too big?) and the filter holder (so that I could start playing with using filters, without having to stick some velcro to my flash and get it all gummed up right now.)

I can use it on my Pentax AF540FGZ, but I (according to these picts) I could also use it on the built-in flash on my Pentax K100D or Nikon D70s if I was too lazy to carry the big flash around.


I saw this post . . .


And I've asked if there is any update.

Take care, yours truly,

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Hi Glenn,

I have the old model Flipit with diffuser, which is probably the same as the Flipit Jr w/diffuser. Before it, I had obtained a Stofen Omnibounce, Lumiquest Pocket Bouncer, Fong LS clear, and made a bunch of DIY flash modifiers. All these latter modifiers went in a drawer once I started using the Demb. It's just that good!

Compared to probably the most popular (the Omnibounce), the Demb can eliminate shadows while the Stofen only softens them, and the Flipit can be used at greater distances.

The Lumiquest Pocket Bouncer and the Fong Lightsphere each do about half of what the Flipit with diffuser can, but the Flipit adds adjustable angles to the bounce card. The LS allows both bouncing off the ceiling and a diffused direct light at the same time, but there's no direct diffused bounce available, and it's heavy enough for the weight to overcome the detents that keep the flash head in position. I don't know how many times the head flopped down at the wrong time. . . and it's not convenient to store or carry, while the small Demb folds flat and can be stuffed in just about any pocket. The Pocket bouncer requires either self stick Velcro or some other manner of Velcro loops to be attached to the head. The LS needs to be the correct size for the head. The Dembs all fit any head.

The DIY diffusers all look homemade, and some people won't take you seriously when using it.

With the Demb, you can actually mimic the effects that you get from the others, but the opposite is not true. If you're close to the subject, you can fold the Flipit panel down so it's not used, bounce off the ceiling and add diffused fill from the front -- same effect as the LS. Use the Flipit alone and it's the same as the Pocket Bouncer. Use the Flipit straight up with the diffuser, and it's about the same as the Omnibounce. If you need to shoot farther distances, you can angle the Flipit panel forward and direct all the light through the diffuser for more power.

It's just the most versatile of all the flash modifiers that I've seen -- but you do need to do some experimentation to get the most out of it. . . Personally, I find the small model to be as much as I need, and I like the size as it fits in just about any pocket. The only other modifier that I carry in the bag is the Lumiquest Mini Softbox, which is a great straight diffuser -- and it also folds flat. . .

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Hi snostorm,

Thanks for the feedback.

I really appreciate the run down.

And it means a lot to hear from someone who has one that they like it!

From what you are saying, I think this unit is what I'm looking for.

Although I can appreciate the no-think and shoot approach, I know I'm willing to fiddle with this thing and learn how to use it to get the different effects.

I'm dying to order this thing and your comment just pushed me over the edge.

I'm ordering it tonight or tomorrow.

(I'm going to get the middle size, but probably order a "small reflector" so that if I decide that is enough for me, I can swap out the medium reflector for the small one.)

Once again, I really appreciate your time & comments!

Take care, yours truly,

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I have been a flip-it user for a few years. I really like it. On thing I really like about the Demb Flip-It is that you can use it when you take pictures both in Portrait and Landscape. I belive the Stofen Ombibounce allows you to only take pictures in Landscape and then you have to crop the picture accordingly.

The only other unit that IMHO that would come close is the Fong diffuser. My personal critisism of it is that when the unit diffuses, it could waste light by diffusing the light all around the environment (360 deg) as opposed to the Flip-it that minimizes light diffusion behind the photographer and diffuses light to the front towards the subject.

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I started with the Stofen a few years ago-now it is in the closet. Next was the Harbor Design Diffuser-this is the same style as the Stofen but gave mebetter results.

Just got the Fong Lightsphere (clear) so far it has been fine-not a great fit on my AF500 FTZ but a little electrician's tape helps.

Still searching for the "Silver Bullet" of diffusers-a never-ending journey. Considering a "Ring" flash but have read mixed reviews and the new AF160 FC is expensive.

Good luck.
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