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Not a highly intellectual topic for camera buffs, but I'm curious. What does everyone do with their lens cap when taking photos? I've been using the elastic string with blob that sticks to the cap. Except for when I try to put a lens down, lens side down and the lens tilts off it. And, the occasional time the elastic works it way up the lens, they seem to work okay.

Anyonehave any other bright ideas as to what they do. I saw some flip caps on Adorama, but they seem to cause problems with being able to put filters on and they don't seem to fit perfectly.


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Well Patty, mine goes in my shirt pocket... usually:-?
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I use to use the string on the elastic ring around the lens (what you use) on my smaller diameter lens caps and it works well. However, for my 77 mm and 67 mm lenses, the caps are too big/heavy for it and the round tab that sticks to the cap tends to separate. Therefore, I stick the caps in a pocket. Another minor irritant in using the ring on a string is that the lens cap dangles and at times get's in the way especially when using a tripod. I know what you mean about not being able to place the lens on its cap due to the wobble!
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Left back pocket in my trousers. It's become automatic, on the few occasions I put it elsewhere (like on a nearby table) I start looking with a nervous feeling. It should be in the pocket!

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Hi Patty,

A good topic. . .

I always wear a jacket or vest, or pants/shorts with a lot of pockets, so the lens caps go into one of these (usually the left pocket so to keep things standard. I've replaced all the front caps with center pinch caps if they didn't already come with them. I also tend to lose things:roll:, so I have a bagful of spares in all sizes that I've collected at camera shows and out of the used drawers of dealers around the area for about a buck apiece (rear caps too).

For the ever present TCs, I have have a set of the push in body caps that came with the bodies and the push on rear caps that came with the kit lenses in a pocket so I can just take a TC off and stick it in a pocket if I'm not using it.

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Hello nhmom!

Nothing fancy for me.

I just toss it into my pocket.

Take care,

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Old Apr 26, 2009, 1:35 AM   #7
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My Sony F717 came with a lens cap keeper as a feature for the camera and I happily used it all the time. I tried adding a keeper for the DA*50-135 because I had a tendency to forget to put the lens cap back on it when I'd put it in the bag, and I somehow got a superficial tiny scratch on the front element. However, it really got in the way, far more than what I had remembered with the Sony, so I took it off. My lens caps go either in a jacket or a pants pocket, but then I'm always trying to remember which pocket I put it in. Or if it was my left jacket pocket, I'm usually struggling to get in it because I have the slingshot bag slid forward, blocking access to it. I'm now trying to remember to put it in the camera case, but then it gets lost behind another lens or cubby in the bag. Often I just have it in my hand and try to shoot with the camera resting on it (which actually can work somewhat), which means I'm more likely to remember to put it back on before stowing the camera away.
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Interesting topic and one we all deal with! I used to just put them in my pocket or set them down. But since I am a guy and unable to think of more than one thing at a time, I would sometimes set it down while I was thinking of my shot and then walk off having forgotten I'd set it down. I too, use the elastic type, but with a twist. I cut off the sticky part, drill a hole in the corner of the lens cap with a 1/16 inch drill bit just using my hand as the drill (the plastic is very soft). Then I run the end of the cap holder string through the hole, tie it in a knot and put a drop of super glue on the knot to hold it. Here's what it looks like when completed and I never worry about the sticky thing failing and it looks much classier!!

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Right front pants pocket.

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Thanks for the input. Since I've had the "string" to my old p & s's for so long, I'm used to just grabbing it and putting it on. I realized I never got one for my 50mm and keep leaving the cap behind whenever I use it.

Glenn, I do like your idea. A step farther than I'd been thinking of doing. I had been trying to figure out where to glue it to the outsidewhere the glue wouldn't wear off. I'll have to see about the hole drilling thing.

Thanks, Patty
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