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Not sure what the resolution is, but I use a low-end 17" CRT that was bundled with our Dell desktop computer about 6 years ago. I also use a low end Toshiba Satellite laptop with a 15" LCD screen. (Notice a trend here?) Just after Thanksgiving, we had some serious trouble with our Dell, and a technician told me the computer was probably beyond repair. He figured all he could do was to copy all my files off the hard drive. So, I was all set to buy a 24" iMac.

Then we had a death in the family and my wife and I spent several thousand dollars dealing with that. That blew our budget for a nice iMac. And to everyone's surprise, the Dell came back to life, and has worked perfectly ever since.

I no longer have any plans to upgrade immediately. But I've pretty well had it with low end monitors. My next computer -- whenever I get it -- will have a high quality (or at least a medium quality) LCD monitor.
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JimC wrote:
superakuma wrote:
The reason why I am asking is because every time when I post an image I always ask if the image that I post are too big or too small. I hate it when someone post a really great image but the image is too small to see the detail. On the opposite end, I also hate it when someone post an image that I have to keep on scrolling to the right to see the image. I know that don't happen as often though.
Different monitor resolutions present a problem with forums like this one. As you've noticed, if someone posts an image that's too large, then you have to scroll up and down (and left and right) to see all of it.

But, an even worse problem is that you need to scroll left and right to see the text of replies of all posts made on the same page with a larger image. That's one reason Steve prefers posted images be at 640x480 here. Although we still allow a larger image, if you post images that are too large on a regular basis (much over around 1024 pixels wide), you may get a note from me about it. ;-)

How to post your photos

One way to handle letting someone see more detail with a larger image is to post a link to the image (stored on your own web site, or one of the photo sharing sites like pbase.com, etc.) versus embedding it into a forum post here (since that causes forums readability issues when a member doesn't have a higher resolution monitor).

If you look at statistics, a very large percentage of users browsing the internet (around 40%) are using monitors with 1024x768 or lower resolution. That's actually improving (the January 2008 stats showed a majority of users had 1024x768 or lower resolutions).


Keep in mind you've got a worldwide audience looking at web sites like this one, and not everyone is going to be able to afford the latest and greatest monitors. You also have a number of users with laptops and netbooks browsing the internet now.

We are probably going to be implementing a different way of handling it very soon as we migrate to new forums software, automatically converting images over a given size in dimensions into thumbnails that you click on to see the larger version.
Thanks for clearing it up. I was just wondering and yea maybe was looking for some sort of statistics of the users on this board. I forgot how popular netbooks has been over the past few months, heck I sell them myself!

Thanks everyone else for adding to my statistics.
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A 19" CRT and a 17" laptop. The laptop gets the most use.


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19" monitor on the desktop. I forget the resolution setting right now. My 17" laptop is set to 1280 x 800 right now. But, I'm constantly changing it trying to find the right combination that doesn't look our of proportion and the text size I can read. My eyesight isn't what it used to be.

Checked out the desktop monitor. It's set for 1152 x 864.


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