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Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
I am very impressed with your pictures. I have gone to the Helicon Focus site and am trying to wrap my head around the process. My understanding is that the software will make those areas of the object that are out of focus due to shallow depth of field become more in focus. Would it be possible to see what the 4 images that were combined to make the first image look like? Also was other post processing done to the pictures and if so was it done before or after Helicon Focus?

Thanks Lou,

didn't have anything left of the first one, but I've uploaded 5 sourcepictures from the second picture at
When you move your mouse over the image you can download the original versions.
I've also added the result from combining the shots in Helicon Focus, and in Photoshop CS4.

The two results look almost the same, only helicon focus has a closer focussed background but that is imho no problem, and can be fixed.

Took me some time to find out how to blend in cs4
File=>Scripts=>Load images into stack. then choose "browse" and load the files you want to stack. Be sure to check the box for auto-align or you will have to do it later (Edit=>Auto-align images). This loads each image onto a separate layer, and aligns them all. Then it's simply Edit=>Auto-blend layers.

There is also a freeware program (combine)
That gives marvelous results, but with a bit more work.
A tutorial can be found at http://www.digitalgrin.com/showthread.php?t=61316
(admin hope you don't mind this link to another forum)

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Thank for your reply with photos. I will download the pictures and the freeware and play around with the software to see if I can duplicate the results you got. My Photoshop is CS so it may not have the stacking capability.

Our insect population is just now emerging and my macro lens will be put to more use this year since I have recently acquired a tripod.

Again thank for your thorough reply.

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Lou - Merging photos for panoramas has been in CS for a while, but the focus extension feature is new to CS4. I played around with it when I first got CS4 and really liked it, thought it worked quite well. Then I forgot about it because I didn't have much for a tripod.

Ronny - thanks for the comparison, nice to know that Adobe's version is pretty good (unlike their HDR function, which I've never been able to get to work well).
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