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Default Tripod Love

I have seen posts talking about hiking with tripods and their importance. I have a hard time leaving the tripod at home, I guess the only time I do is when I am walking around the city during the day. If I am on the hiking trail or taking pictures in less than abundant light I try and always have a tripod on hand. It does make my pack (Lowepro Dryzone) that much more heavy, but the pictures I come out with make it worth it. Especially in the NW where there are so many waterfalls and gorgeous streams to use long shutter times.

Plus whether I am hiking alone or with my gal I like to have the tripod to take pictures of us! I don't enjoy handing over my $$$$ gear to someone to snap a shot on "green mode". I would much rather set up the tripod and use a timer/remote and get the shot I want, especially if I am using a grad/neutral density filter. We have so many great shots of us hanging in our home, and that we can share with friends and family because I lugged around a tripod for miles and miles. I would have never gotten these shots without a tripod......and of course my K10d

International Fountain - Seattle - 0.3 sec. f/22 ISO100

Banff National Park AB Canada - 1/750 sec. f/9.5 ISO400

Banff National Park - Inkpots - 1/30 sec. f/11 ISO200

Lost Lake - Mt. Hood wilderness OR - 1/180sec f/4.5 ISO100
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Magnificent pictures (ALL OF THEM)

second one being my absolute fav.

And yes it proves the use of a tripod, but I'm not going to carry a tripod with me all the time.
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That second one is really awesome! The first one, too; for that matter, all of them are spectacular. I'm still getting used to using one, but can see why one would want to carry it as much as possible. Mine won't go with me all the time, but I'll take it often.
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FANTASTIC shots! all of them are truly amazing. Well done!
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Let me join with the others by also saying the photographs are great. You have given me the motivation to start packing my tripod more than I do now.

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What can I say... they;re great!

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Although I have been photographing for over 60 years I am really still a novice, but I have, even so, a suggestion or two to make. As for tripods, I wouldn't bother with a full-sized tripod. Instead, on trips, I take a small, fold-up, mine is Leitz Wetzlar, German made, with the longest leg six inches, and the shortest leg (of three) five inches. It has a ball head. I guess it weighs one pound. There is hardly any terrain where I can't find a stump, a rock, a back pack, or a vehicle hood on which to mount it. I have been able to take some beautiful photos using this tripod, when, without it, no luck at all.
Although the pictures above are beautiful, it seems to me a fill-flash would have helped where people are included.
I wish I had mountains like those to photograph. My traveling days are over, so I am jealous.
Old Engineer
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Very special, I like the last one, but there all so good.
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