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The one in NH seems to be already closed. At least when I called this morning, the phone number's been disconnected.

Oh, well. Was hoping they might have the Tamron 18-250 that I still haven't bought because of my unexpected travels. And, now hubby is saying I don't need it. Argghhhh. Just wait until something else comes out and they lower the price on this one.

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Most of the Ritz stores in this area are in shopping centers which are high traffic areas, so I hadn't bothered. On seeing the bargains people are still finding (this has been going on since April 4 with 10 days remaining) I decided to visit one I knew of in a place where there is no walk-in traffic (drive in only) where I figured there might be something left. The shelves were nearly bare - the only Pentax product on display was an AF-200FG flash for $45 (70% off their price, but "only" about half the going on line low price), which I took so the trip wouldn't have been for nought. I browsed around and saw an almost hidden shelf of Pentax accessory boxes - the almost clueless clerk said "Oh those are all AC adapters, but I asked to see a couple of the larger boxes which were BG3 (4) and BG2(1 only) battery grips - the BG2 was what I hoped to find, and at only $28.80 (their original price $190 - now, that's a deal!). The other boxes were AC adapters and older AA battery grips, and a bin full of remotes - none of which I needed. I came away happy and satisfied, so I am not going to chase all around SoCal looking for things I don't really need. I would have thought that ebay sellers would have cleaned them all out long ago, but apparently not, so there is still hope - check them out, you never know.
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Originally Posted by nhmom View Post
The one in NH seems to be already closed. At least when I called this morning, the phone number's been disconnected.

The one I went into wasn't answering their phone. I heard it ringing and they just let it ring. So they may still be open...
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i'll be more than happy to spend something for you for a k20!!
pm me or email me
roysphoto @ email. com
no deals here in the d/fw area
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Well, I drove around SoCal today, looking at a couple of Ritz stores. All 3 that I visited had remotes (I bought one, nice to have 2 and for $5.00 I figured why not). Two had the A200 flash, one had a couple of lenses in Pentax mount (several older kit lenses, one DA 50-200 the others Ritz's house brand that I can't spell).

The third one I went to had what I was really looking for - Pentax batteries for the K20. I ended up buying 2 of them - now I won't have to worry about having enough juice when we take a day trip somewhere to take pictures.

All three stores were very picked over, but I'm glad I went around. One of them had a sign saying "last 8 days." While I probably spent more in gas visiting the stores than I would have buying from B&H, I had a good day visiting some old stomping grounds of mine.
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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
On Saturday I decided I would skip the various Ritz camera stores that are selling around where I am - I really don't need much. However, your mention of the batteries for the K10/K20 could easily change my mind. May have to spend Saturday discovering if any of them are still around and might have something like that.

On my way home from the Englishtown, NJ Hot Import Nights, I took a detour and stopped by the Ritz at/near White Marsh (MD). Didn't expect to see much but they had ALOT of photography paper (satiny, glossy,etc) on sale....eg, 100 count ritz brand 4x6 160mg (if i memember correctly) for $7/pack...so i got 3 packs.

Also piceked up an NB-4L battery for my Canon 780IS for $18. Not as much juice inthat battery, but for the price, and 'OEM' quality i was happy.

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