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Default How stupid could I be?

I took some photos at a school function a few nights ago, and after downloading them to my desktop, I left my memory card in the computer's card reader. This morning it was a beautiful clear day so I got up early and went to see a waterfall I had heard about but had never seen. After a long sweaty hike, I arrived, and it was indeed as beautiful as I had been told. I was thrilled to take some shots that I was sure would be respectable entries in this month's challenge.

You can guess the rest, of course. When I got home I thought how odd it was that there was already a card in the card reader. of course, there was no card in my camera! The thing that really annoys me is that I had several extra cards in my camera bag, which I brought to the waterfall. I double-checked the camera, and sure enough, when I turned it on the LCD displayed a message that there was no card. That warning message disappeared as soon as I pressed the shutter button halfway. Somehow, I was so caught up in the scene that I never saw that warning when I was at the waterfall.

So, how stupid could I be? As it turns out, pretty darn stupid! You can be sure that next time I take the camera anywhere, I'll double- and triple-check to make sure the camera has a card. Now I just need another beautiful sunny morning when I don't have any pressing commitments so I can get back out to the waterfall.
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I've done the same thing - only the time I did it, I didn't have a second card with me. You are right about double and triple checking things. For instance, don't drive 170 miles to take pictures without checking the status of your camera's battery before hand. I really need to buy a back-up battery...
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I don't know how many times I've done it. My computer is downstairs, I leave the card in it when I go upstairs, hear some interesting birds outside, grab the camera and you know the rest

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Been there, done that...
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Didn't do that one 'YET', normally I carry about 5x to many of those cards with me.

Best one I ever did was years back with my first digital camera, shoot a complete day on macro mode, (you had to turn the lens 1/4 and it focussed from 30cm->100cm). Never noticed it till I got home

At least you probably never forget to put the card back in.
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Been there as well--however the thing that saved the day for me was the Battery Grip for the K20D/K10D which has a slot for storing an extra SD card...it saved the day since I was able to take another photo that made it into the Pentax Photo Gallery.
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Don't feel like you are alone
Welcome to the world of what i like to call senior moments. I've done that and many more things in my time.

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Default Me too...

I did it for the first time last Sunday on Mother's Day. I didn't have my battery grip on so no extra card there. I didn't have any extras in my bag because I keep one in the battery grip. All of my cards were 25 miles away.
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Thankfully, I've never done this. My D50 displays a nice error if you don't have a card inserted, and I always check my battery status before I leave (I've caught myself with no card many times, thankfully it's always been prior to leaving).

I've gone out with the intention of taking pictures with a point and shoot and forgotten the whole camera though! What do you call a "senior moment" when you're under 30?
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Like jelpee, on more than one occasion I have had reason to be thankful for the spare card in the battery grip. I have minimized the problem by always keeping a card in the card reader, so when I pull one out of the camera, I have to swap the two. We seniors have to use our memory crutches.

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