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Default I need your opinion

I need your opinion Please,
my monitors are giving me fits, well, I should say my computer is, along with my monitors, printer etc. anyway, I'm curious if my pix look the way I think they do. the photos look better on one monitor but, I have to adjust the photo to look good on the other one to get the best results from my printer.
so, my question is if you were going to print either pic, without any more PP, would you choose A or B? the difference is more suttle on here than on my computer or in print but, I think you can get the idea.

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Hard to say for sure. But, I think A looks better on my monitor. It seems to have more color in it. But, not by a ton. (I'm on my desktop right now.)

Hope that helps.

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The second one looks a bit sharper on my monitor. It's a bit lighter, bringing out detail in the shadows better, but as Patty mentioned, I think the color is better in the first one. As far as printing - I think it depends on your printer. I've never really mastered matching the screen to the printer, and have discovered that different printers will handle things differently.
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Tough call but A looks a hair better on my monitor...it seems to have a little more contrast!
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Larger images would help - I can't see much difference on my 24" iMac.
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On My Monitor "A" is the best of the two,not by much though

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A by a hair.
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B looks a liitle sharper, more detail. A looks more colourful.

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i would say A looks better on my screen, but its a very close call.
i too have never quite mastered to screen to printer problem, my printer tends to darken the image, so B would print better.
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personally I would go for A. But what I see will not be the same as you see, and your printer might give a complete different result to what you expect.

I just hate anything and everything that has to do with color profiles on pc's or mac's.
You can calibrate the hell out of them, and still the results won't match up with what you expect.

Good luck


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