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Default Pentax Announces New K-7 dSLR

Pentax has just released information about their latest K-series dSLR model, the K-7. This advanced amateur camera offers exciting features, including a 14.6-megapixel CMOS image sensor, 720p HD movie capture, 77-segment metering system, and a compact (magnesium alloy) body that is weather, dust and cold resistant.

See the press release below.


New Camera Boasts Variety of Technological Firsts and Major Improvements Over Previous K Series Cameras

GOLDEN, CO. (May 20, 2009) -- PENTAX Imaging Company announced today the launch of the PENTAX K-7 digital SLR camera. This latest PENTAX K series camera is designed for advanced photographers seeking high-end design and features without the cost of a professional DSLR system. The PENTAX K-7 features a rugged, yet compact new body design, a new 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor rebuilt from the ground up, and advanced features such as HD Movie Capture and new, unique-to-PENTAX camera controls. Compatible with every PENTAX lens ever made, the high-end K-7 features an abundance of long-anticipated new and improved features that are exclusive to the camera and combine to make it a tremendous photography tool.

"The K-7 will appeal to many current PENTAX SLR photographers who have been asking for more advanced features, but in a smaller, solid, comfortable-to-hold body," said Ned Bunnell, president, PENTAX Imaging Company. "We also believe the combination of the K-7's smaller, high quality construction coupled with the growing line-up of our Limited compact prime lenses will appeal to serious shooters who currently don't own or previously hadn't considered adding a PENTAX to their camera bag."

The most significant features of the PENTAX K-7 that have never been offered before in any K series digital camera, and in some cases any camera, include:

  • A compact, magnesium alloy body that is one of the smallest in the advanced photo enthusiast category to reduce bulk and allow users to travel light while maintaining durability and build quality (seven percent smaller than the K20D and up to 25 percent smaller than other cameras in the same class).
  • A new 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor rebuilt from the ground up to minimize noise, adds four channel output for fast image capture, and the ability to capture HD quality movies. It is the ideal combination of resolution and file size, allowing very large (poster size and larger) prints and cropping flexibility.
  • A new 77-segment metering system quickly and accurately determines exposure for even the most complex and dynamic lighting situations.
  • HD Movie capture features adjustable quality and resolution settings, aperture control, as well as mechanical Shake Reduction, and an external microphone terminal for recording stereo sound.* The K-7 will capture video at the default standard of 1280x720 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio (equivalent to 720p), 1536x1024 resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio, or 640x416 resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio (equivalent to VGA quality), all shot at 30 frames per second.
  • An HDMI port with selectable output resolution (1080i, 720p, 480p, and auto) offers high resolution playback of images and video on modern high definition TV's.
  • A Dedicated AF-assist lamp further improves autofocus response and accuracy in low light conditions.
  • An Electronic Level function ensures that images have truly level horizons to minimize post-capture editing.
  • An innovative in-camera Lens Correction function that electronically adjusts for Distortion and Lateral Chromatic Aberrations to maximize image quality with DA series lenses.
  • A dedicated Mirror Lock-up function eliminates image blur due to mirror movement during long exposures.
  • A High Dynamic Range (HDR) image capture mode captures three images then combines them in camera to widen the exposure gamut to bring out detail in all exposure areas of images.
  • A composition adjustment feature in Live View allows minor shifts in the framing and composition of images using the Shake Reduction mechanism without having to physically move the camera. This feature is ideal for tripod use.
  • A programmable embedded copyright function preserves artistic integrity and image ownership during capture via a keypad that may record ownership in metatag data.
*Due to the compact size of the K-7 camera and the in-body Shake Reduction mechanism, a camera mounted microphone is a highly recommended accessory for optimal audio quality when capturing video.

A variety of K series camera features that are significantly improved in the PENTAX K-7 include:

  • A striking 3 inch LCD with 921,000 dot resolution is perfect for detailed image or movie capture and review using the Live View function.
  • A weather, dust and cold resistant (to 14 F or -10 C) body makes the K-7 the perfect camera for use in any environment, inside the studio or when travelling in any weather.
  • Fast 5.2 frame-per-second shooting with a new PRIME II Image processing engine, which features fast circuitry and 4 channel output that is ideal for sporting events or any fast action situation.
  • A top shutter speed of 1/8000 sec freezes even the fastest action in well lit settings.
  • Live View mode, now with contrast AF, Face Detection, and optional histogram, grid, and bright/dark area display, allows you to quickly compose your images without having your eye against the viewfinder.
  • A 100 percent field-of-view viewfinder (92X magnification) and bright focusing screen are ideal for accurate image composition and accurate focus.
  • The PENTAX 11-point autofocus system features improved focus algorithms over previous generation K series DSLR cameras, providing faster, more responsive AF.
  • The PENTAX-original Shake Reduction system now compensates for rotational sensor movement improving the sharpness of your images at the moment of capture.
  • The K-7's Dust Reduction system, improved over previous K series cameras, features a piezo-ceramic vibration action to the sensor's low-pass filter for dust-fee image capture.
  • A new high capacity battery features extended battery life, ideal for travel photography or video work.
  • Advanced image capture settings, digital filters, and aspect ratio provide outstanding flexibility and creativity while minimizing the need for computer image manipulation.
  • Custom Image modes with advanced parameter settings including new Key adjustment allow users to customize the processing mode to suit personal creative style.
Other K series innovations featured on the PENTAX K-7 include:
  • Multiple exposure settings, including Green, Program, Sv, Tv, Av, TAv, M, Bulb, X-sync, and USER modes, provide extensive creative control over the exposure for photographers of all experience levels.
  • Advanced white balance settings include highly customizable white balance fine tuning, color temperature adjustment, and post image capture manual white balance selection for perfect pictures in even the most difficult lighting.
  • Dynamic Range setting with adjustable shadow correction brings out hidden or lost details in both highlights and shadows for even the highest-contrast, dynamic lighting.
  • Dedicated PC socket for studio flash offers convenience for the studio photographer without adding hot shoe adapters.
  • Advanced capture options include multi-exposure and interval shooting for creative special effects and time-lapse photography.

Along with the body, PENTAX announced a D-BG4 battery grip for exclusive use with the PENTAX K-7. This battery grip may be used in combination with the camera's rechargeable lithium-ion battery to double camera's battery life. The D-BG4 also accepts 6 AA batteries in a alternate battery tray for added freedom when shooting in the field. With a vertical shutter-release button, e-dials, AE-lock and a new focus button, the grip features the same weather-resistance, dustproof and coldproof construction as the PENTAX K-7.

PENTAX also announced two weather-resistant lens models developed specifically for PENTAX digital SLRs. The smc DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR and the smc DA 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED WR kit lenses feature weather-resistant seals to handle damp, inclement conditions. Complementing K series camera bodies, both lenses blend versatility with affordability, giving the casual photographer a broader canvas without having to carry a multitude of lenses.

The PENTAX K-7 body only will ship in July 2009 for $1299.95 USD. The PENTAX D-BG4 battery grip also will ship in July 2009 for $229.95. The newest weather-resistant lenses will be priced at $199.95 for the DA 18-55mm and $249.95 for the DA 50-200mm. These products also will ship in July 2009.

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I was watching the count down on the Pentax website and at 0 secs, the entire site froze...guess there must have been a blitz of users waiting to access the much awaited news. Thanks for this posting though since it was accessible without any issues. Actually, I had read the same item yesterday on another listing that showed up in Google!

5 FPS and a top shutter speed of 1/8000th of a sec should answer the call to those interested in sports photography. As for the rest of the features and improvements, guess will have to wait for some independent test results in the area of dynamic range and noise capability to get a true idea of image quality. I for one am not impressed by the video capability in still picture cameras...if you need video, use a cam corder! I could not tell if the k7 had a dedicated button for WB (vs. access via the Fn menu). It already exists for ISO adustments in the K10/K20.

Interesting to note that this camera is listed as being 7% smaller than the K20D. I am also pleasantly surprised that it is listed for only $1300...I was expecting it to be higher. Anyhow...just my intial thoughts.

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The K7 - despite the ever-unrealistic predictions prior to Pentax's formal announcement - looks like a lovely camera. The specs are just great. If the auto-focus improvements are anywhere near as effective as most of us hope they will be, then this camera will be on my wish list.
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Sounds like it's a great camera if all works well. Redesigned sensor, improve AF, 5fps, magnesium body, 100% viewfinder, 3" lcd, in-body lens correction, video. A lot of features that, if they deliver the goods makes this camera good competition to the Nikon D90 and Canon 50D market segment. Really sounds like a great camera.
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and now the waiting really starts for a descent review. There are already a lot op people how can see from the body and specs that its a ... (you can fill that in yourself)

Hope someone buys it and tells the truth.

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Well, I agree with jelpee, on the video. to me that just adds to the cost of the camera for something I don't need. Anyway the rest of the specs sound impressive, can't wait to see some real life reviews! If its all its cracked up to be, I guess I know where next years tax return is going...

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Well, the announcement has been posted. I hope it turns out to be as good as it sounds, and that Steve reviews it soon (HINT, HINT).

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The competition (who shall remain nameless but who everyone SHOULD know who I mean) have a review of a pre-production model already posted. It sounds like an interesting camera in spite of its video ability (which I have no interest in). Like John said, if everything lives up to the specs, it will be a formidable camera. One of the things I really like about it is that its smaller than the competition, a bit lighter than the K20 and significantly lighter than either the D300 or the 50D. I was afraid it would be in their size category, which would automatically knock it out for me as the K20 is as big and heavy a camera as I can manage reliably.

There are some little things that might change my mind about upgrading. I'm not sure I like that - I was all ready to skip this one since I love my K20 and don't want video. Now all bets are off (sigh).
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Harriet, you know you wwaannnt it! Sorry couldn't resist.
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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
Sounds like it's a great camera if all works well. Redesigned sensor, improve AF, 5fps, magnesium body, 100% viewfinder, 3" lcd, in-body lens correction, video. A lot of features that, if they deliver the goods makes this camera good competition to the Nikon D90 and Canon 50D market segment. Really sounds like a great camera.

DP classifies it as a Nikon D300 competitor, not a Nikon D90 competitor...from what I've read. I agree with DP, they have had a copy to play with already .

I think Pentax has done a great job. 1/8000th of a second shutter, smaller size, faster frames per second...I really like the metal body.

Before I confer my Gold Star, though I will be interested in seeing actual pictures, comparisons with other competitors and reviews/test results.

I have a K10D which I'm very happy with , didn't look at the K20D as i felt it was very good, but not enough different from my K10D to consider. This K7 though...makes me think.

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