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Default first pictures with my K20

Had my K20 for a few weeks now, managed to go out this week and take a few pictures (all with the 18-55 kit lens) the first is some bluebells that were in the garden.

I also entered a picture in the monthly challenge of the tower at the top of Leith Hill, Surrey, UK. Although the tower was closed I did take a few pictures of the views from the hill (on a good day you can see the English channel looking south - the view here, and the centre of london if you look NEish). So far taken about 200 pictures and have about 6 good ones, but still learning to use the camera - got a weeks holiday at the beginning of June so will be taking the camera and taking pictures of everything I can so I apologise in advance of a flood of pictures in a few weeks time.
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Love the blue bells Doc!
I think you're going to like your K20. When I got my first DLSR I took a ton of pix before I started getting good ones, there is definitely a learning curve and it changes with each lens too!
BTW, welcome to the Pentax side of the forum.

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The blue bells are very nice. Both pictures look a bit underexposed to me (the bluebells less so) - not uncommon with Pentax. I think they do it so the camera doesn't blow out the highlights all the time, like some other cameras I can think of. If you find yourself lightening up your pictures on a regular basis, you might try putting a +.3 Ev into the camera and see if that makes a difference. I tend to leave my K20 set up that way, changing it only if I know I won't want it or am using a lens that tends to overexpose this way (I have one like that).

With your lovely English countryside picture - what type of metering were you using - matrix? That might have influenced the camera, letting your grey (and lots of glare?) skies influence the meter more than you might have liked. Try center weighted or spot (though spot might be awful - it's easy for the spot to be on a dark hedge and the camera will blow out everything else). On the other hand, there's a pretty big dynamic range in that shot - you might be better off taking the shot you have and using something like Photoshop Elements to lighten it up just the green, leaving the sky alone (it would be easy to blow out your clouds). It should be pretty easy to do. Anyway, that's a couple of random thoughts.

Don't hesitate to ask anything specific about the camera or photography in general.
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A portrait mode shot of a landscape looks odd to me. The blue bells have too much going on in the background and is distracting. The K20D offering here doesn't show its advantage over the other offerings by Pentax.

In time when you learn the intricacies of this wonderful camera you will start to see the differences you can make with it.

I stress that you will get the most out of our images with a camera like this (dslr with RAW image capability) with the use of post processing. That is a suit to taste affair but something necessary to learn to get the most out of what the camera simply can't do alone.
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Congratulations on your fine choice of a camera, enjoy the learning curve and have fun.


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You're bluebells shot is like some iris' I took a few years ago. I really like the flowers and they were crisply in focus, but I finally realized what my husband was saying about the busy background. Although, still fight it.

Have fun with your new camera and keep posting. Mine is fairly new, too, and I'm still learning every time I pick it up.

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Somehow the last picture reminds me of my holiday last year, lots of clouds, dark cold and rainy. If you lighten it a bit up in post processing it will improve a lot.

If I haven't said it already, welcome

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