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These are urban legends (along with some sarcasm from Dal). Venom must be injected to be effective - Harvestmen have no fangs and no other method of injection, therefore they cannot possess venom. What they do have is a pair of glands which can project a noxious fluid at a predator and drive it off. The Cellar or Household spider does have venom, but it is very weak and there are no documented cases of one ever harming a human - their jaws have weak muscles, and while the might be long enough to penetrate thinner areas of human skin they rarely if ever even try to bite as their method of defense is to vibrate rapidly in their webs. The only case of a bite that I know of had no ill effects on the human it bit. The only other creature commonly called Daddy Longlegs is a crane fly, which has wings, and is totally harmless.

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Had no idea my Harvestman picture would stir up such amazing discussion!
Just FYI, here is a Cranefly photo (taken some time ago with my good old Canon Powershot), followed by a male Ebony Jewelwing, just to contrast with the femaile:
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I've never seen what we call Daddy Longlegs with wings either. All lovely photos. Keep your camera close by and keep us posted as the summer goes along. Would love to see more.

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wow. the clubtail's eyes are awesome! are they all like that, or are they different colors? (that may be a dumb question, i dunno.)
also, i think you've finally come around to my way of looking at flowers : )
i especially like the way the flower petals are interlaced in the first daisy picture.
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Vole - not at all a stupid question. The male Cherokee Clubtail always has blue eyes, but not the female. You might find this link useful:

Yes, you do have a great eye for good flower photography. You should post some here!
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The crane fly is referred to over in the UK as a Daddy Long Legs

The bit about the poison seems to be related to confusion over the same name being used for different species in different countries


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