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Default New K10D and first picture

I suspect that I should introduce myself on the introduction board, but this is more about Pentax DSLRs.

I recently wished to find a DSLR for my wife who loved my Ricoh KR-30sp in the age of film cameras. She has used a few point and shoot cameras for the last few years, but has not been happy with the reduced control over the shot and shutter lag. She has long wished for a DSLR, but the price has discouraged her.

A few weeks back she expressed her wish for a DSLR and it motivated me to action. You see, I am in the National Guard and I will be deploying after the new year. My wish to her was, document my missing year. As such, I began researching cameras. I first thought to buy her a used Canon 350D, but ended up buying her a grey market K100D Super, new with the kit lens. Largely due to the fact that she still wishes to have a user friendly camera with the ability to manipulate later as she progresses. The ability for the Pentax cameras to use all of the older lens was a big selling point for me, what with the ability to buy Pentax-A prime lens inexpensively.

However, the photo bug bit me as I researched and deceded to buy me a K10D, no lens at first. In my travels I picked up some older Pentax lens and I decided to play with a RKN 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 lens. Not a great lens by any stretch of the imagination. I put the camera on auto and snapped a few pictures of the poppies in the garden and some climbing roses.

I am pleased with my first pictures, but I am afraid that I have much to learn.

Thank you for letting me ramble and for looking at my first halting steps with a DSLR.

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Welcome to the Pentax family and the forum!

Your first pictures look really good, I love both the last one (my favorite) and the second one. The flowers are lovely.

Don't hesitate to ask questions, we're a friendly lot and are always willing to answer questions. We've probably asked them ourselves at one time or another. It looks like you are off to a good start.
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Welcome to the forum. You're off to a great start. Photos are very good. I can certainly understand the desire to enable your wife to be able to document the time you're away. Both of you will enjoy your cameras. I use a K20, my wife a K10, and my son (currently at a Mid-East base as a civilian contract employee) a K100. All of us have tremendous experiences with them.

As Mtngal said, you'll find friendly folks here glad to help you any way we can. Glad to have you with us.

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G'Day and Welcome from Down Under and your always welcome to ramble.
All the shots are nice but that last shot is fabulous.


My Flickr Photos

Pentax K-5 K20D K100D
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Welcome sharpshooter-

We have a friendly group here. You are off to a good start. Like Harriet, I think that your last photo is my favorite.

Sarah Joyce
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Hi Sharpsshooter,

Welcome to the forum! You've definitely made an impressive start. As one of the more verbose on this forum, I certainly won't object to rambling. . .

It might be an idea to get your lady involved here too, but then you couldn't have any secrets --

I hope to see more of your efforts in the future.

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Hi. and welcome from the UK, we all ramble sometimes, so no problem. Very nice first pics ... only thing I'll say is try something other than auto, experiment ... I too use several older manual lenses, and prefer to shoot in AV (aperture priority) ask the wife, she sounds to be the family expert . ... Jack
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Welcome sharpshooter,
not a bad first series to start of with, like the 2nd one best.
Hope to see more of your shots

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Welcome to the forum sharpshooter. Nice first post. I Like your first pictures. I still shoot with a K100D and can tell you your wife will love the camera and I am sure she will be sending you lots of photos when you are deployed next year.

I look forward to seeing more of your pictures in the future. Good luck and be safe in your deployment.

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As stated by everyone else, Welcome to the forums. I think your first crack at photos turned out pretty good. Keep shooting and you'll only get better. Good luck!
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