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Default pef vs dng

a lot of you have a lot more experince w/the different format.. the pef has to be compressed somehow because of the diff in size.
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I haven't noticed much difference when I've gone back and forth between the modes. I'm using dng now because it's nice to be able to add things to the metadata without having to add a side car file. I've done a little geotagging and the program I've been using recognizes dng but not pef. For a while I was adding key words, but that takes extra time and thought - I've gotten lazy about it recently. If memory were a bigger issue to me I might stick with pef as I don't notice a difference in quality either way.
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The main advantage of DNG is future-proofing. The format is open, so any program that supports DNG will support your photos. If Pentax were to stop supporting PEF, you run the risk of eventually losing the ability to open PEF files in the future. With DNG, you have greater confidence that the format will be supported in the future. Shooting DNG also means that you don't need to wait for Adobe or Apple to add support if any new cameras (like the K-7) come out in the future.

Another advantage of DNG was already highlighted by mtngal. The format can hold all metadata without the need for XMP sidecar files, simplifying archiving tasks.

Third, JPEG previews can be stored in the DNG container. Therefore, if you import a DNG file that has an embedded preview, there won't be a need to generate another preview.

The disadvantage on the K10D/K20D is that the cameras don't compress the DNG files. This will usually result in a larger file compared to PEF, which is compressed.

The Pentax K-7 will compress DNGs, so file sizes should not be that much larger than PEFs in the camera.

No matter which way I shoot (PEF or DNG), I will always end up with DNGs because I convert RAW files to compressed DNG on import in Lightroom.

- Jason
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I started with the PEF files, then when I upgraded my computer system I forgot to load on the reader for CS2

I then had to search for it, and get the right one, as the newest version doesn't work with CS2

That decided me to switch to DNG - ease of use.

Plus, I found that shooting birds with the high speed drive, meant that it seemed quicker from shot to shot and it cleared the buffer quicker as there is no compression.

With the SD cards being so cheap, the overhead of larger file sizes isn't a problem.

I take 4x 4Gb cards and a couple of 1Gb spares and usually find that 2 cards are ample for my shooting as I am not snapping as furiously as I used to.



Nikon D7000
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Default Dng

I found out through testing that my K20D gets more consecutive shots into the buffer with DNG before slowing down. I would guess due to the compression process for PEF taking longer. File size is not a problem, I am using 16gb sd cards.

Also future proofing, and when I got the new K m as a back up camera I did not have to waite for Photoshop to update Photo Raw.

Also I shoot only RAW, not jpeg plus RAW since getting the Instant JPEG from raw program that extracts the imbeded JPEG. Takes les than 30 seconds for 300 RAW images.

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