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Default A couple of new toys. . .

Hi All,

I went to a (relatively) local Cambridge Camera Store today and picked up a couple of items that should help me.

I thought that they might be of interest to some. . .

1. Hoodman Hoodloupe 3.0


This is kinda pricey, but AFAIK, it's a pretty unique product, and I think that it'll be very worthwhile for me, as chimping is a very important technique in my shooting process. I constantly run into exposure problems from some of the bizarre lighting conditions that I need to shoot in, and chimping is the only real way to get around them. I ran into another birder earlier this spring who had one, and immediately wanted one.

It doesn't magnify (which just magnifies the dots on the LCD, so it's useless), but it blocks any extraneous light and gives you a VERY clear view of the LCD screen. It's got a +/- 3 diopter adjustment so it can be adjustable to just about anyone's sight -- with or without glasses. It comes with a very nice (but tight-fitting) belt-clipped padded case and neckstrap. It's totally covered in or made of rubber, so it won't scratch the camera or screen, and it'll work with up to 3" LCDs. Not for everybody, but it'll be great for my use.

2. ThinkTank Photo LC75 Pop Down.


I usually carry two bodies out in the field. One with a 300/2.8 and one with either the FA*300/4.5 or Tamron SP 80-200/2.8 A2 with the P F 1.7x AFA. Add the tripod for the 300/2.8, and it's a juggling act to carry since I don't like neck straps and won't carry the camera attached to a tripod or monopod. . . This is essentially a padded oversized lens case that's actually designed to be mounted on a belt. It's designed to be used for changing medium sized tele lenses, but I'll be using it as a belt holster for the 2nd body with the FA* 300/4.5, keeping it very handy to grab if I see a shot I can't get to with the tripod mounted gear. I use Camdapter grip straps on all by bodies so dropping the camera isn't a concern.

It's long enough to hold the lens with hood extended, and loose enough to allow me to slide the lens in and out without having to use two hands. There's an elastic drawstring to hold the lens more securely for when moving aroun, but still will allow the camera to come out, even when tightened down. The belt flap is very substantial and deep enough that I can use it with a surplus web equipment belt. It comes with a detachable rain cover that's big enough to cover the whole thing, even including the camera body. They also make different sizes for more normal lenses and for up to a 400/2.8 with the hood reversed. This appears to be a company with some very innovative and practical carrying and protective gear. . . and it's pretty high quality with some reasonable prices, IMO.

I haven't used either out in the field yet, but I've been walking around with the camera in the ThinkTank, and I can't anticipate any problems.

An no, I have no affiliation with either company. . .


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the lz75 looks interesting.. also looks even better for a DIY project..
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I was able to examine and try out a hoodman yesterday and was very impressed at what how my LCD looked through it. I think I'm putting it on my Santa list for this year!
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I'll take one of each, thank you.

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I have had the Hoodman for a few years now. I love it. I have the older one that is smaller, but it works okay with the K20. I also love my Think Tank bag. I have the UD30. Bought it on ebay used as I just couldn't pay full price for it. Although, it's definitely a good bag. I use it as my "purse" so I can carry my camera with me everywhere and not be carrying two bags. I've been watching for the larger size bag as I can't easily carry the Hoodman in the 30, so it doesn't go with me all the time any more.

I got my Hoodman at a Hunt's Photo "photo safari" a few years ago at a discount, spur of the moment purchase and haven't regretted it at all.

Anyway, good choice of products. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.

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