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Default Settings Question

Just curious what all of you set your K20 to when shooting JPEG's do you use the 14 megapixel setting or do you lower it to 10? what quality as it the stars? I was just curious and thought I would ask. I currently have my set to the 14 with one down from the top on the quality and was just curious what others have theirs set on.

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I always use the 14.6 MP setting and highest quality for JPG's. Lately, I have been shooting more and more with the JPEG+ setting and DNG format for RAW processing.

The only time I would consider lowering the quality would be if I were restricted by being nearly out of memory card space, or if I were shooting so much on high-speed that the camera was having trouble with buffer over-runs. That has not been a problem since I have switched pretty exclusively to 16 MB SanDisk Ultra II memory cards since they save at 15 mps, close to the highest speed the camera will do.

I was using my K10 a couple of days ago in a situation where I was shooting JPEG+ with some high-speed shooting, and I really noticed the difference in the processing speed of the two cameras.

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I'll second what Paul said.

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I've always used the highest quality and largest size for jpg as a general rule - you can always throw away information/resize down but it's harder to increase quality or upsize files. I always back up my files pretty much every day and memory is pretty cheap now.

P.S. I did use the camera set to 2 mp this past week - I needed to take a picture of something and email it. That's the first time that I felt a need to use less than 14 mp.

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Hi ph_nut,

I started out shooting at ****, since it was available, but after comparing these closely with ***, went back to *** compression (which is the default, after all) when I didn't see any significant difference in output quality. I chimp a lot, so write speed (which is inversely proportional to file size) actually makes a difference in my shooting regimen. Using jpegs at higher compression makes the camera just a bit faster, so it helps me get a few more possible shots of my fleeting subjects. . . but YMMV, of course.

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I had never done a comparison between the quality/size of the different settings. But, keep mine at 14MP and the highest star setting assuming it will give me the most detail to work with if needed in processing.

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Scott - that's interesting, I may re-think this. It wouldn't be so bad to save a bit of memory/write time if it doesn't affect quality. Write time doesn't really affect me since the only time I take multiple shots is when I'm doing exposure bracketing for HDR, though.
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I always shoot raw.
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I haven't had any reason to switch the size of the images down. So I don't use it.
Also because 99.9% of the time I shoot in raw (dng) the issue doesn't appear.

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