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Default D-bg2

who uses one and whay.. i'm looking for pros and cons
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Since I don't care about weight and my needs might be different...

  1. Vertical shutter release, etc. on the grip - great for certain birding situations or for portrait work.
  2. Extra battery means more shots
  3. Storage for the SD/SDHC card if I need it
  1. Heavier with grip+battery
  2. Sometimes you have to mess around a bit with certain heads on tripods if you are using a lens with the tripod collar close to the body. SLIK AF2100 head is a good example.
I am sure I've missed something, but that's a quick "off the top".

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I'm not a Pentax user but on all 4 of my dSLRs (well 3 as the 1D mkIII is integral) I have a battery grip as I think it gives better handling in both orientations. It makes shooting in portrait mode as natural as landscape so you can get better stability rather than having your hand at a strange angle to operate the shutter.

Since my film days I always had a battery grip where possible and can't imagine that changing.
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Old Jun 15, 2009, 9:20 PM   #4
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It's hard to describe but it does seem better balanced with larger lenses. The vertical orientation is a huge plus. As far as weight goes, it can be heavy but it can always be removed.
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I cannot imagine working without the battery grip. I have large hands, and when I work without it (like on my K10), my hands feel cramped.

Other reasons I like the grip is the increased battery capacity, the ability to quickly switch orientations and use the shutter release on the grip, and more than once, I've been saved by having the extra SD card stored in the grip.

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I never used one until I picked up a BG2 at one of the closing Ritz camera stores - now I don't think I will ever be without one, in spite of the added weight.

Edit: You can get stuck in a horizontal rut without one. I find that I will take many more verticals when I can hold the camera comfortably in that position.

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Old Jun 15, 2009, 11:36 PM   #7
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Roy, I have one but only use it with longer heaver lenses where it helps to counterbalance the weight of the lens, I find it kind of cumbersome with my lighter weight lenses such as my FA*300.

It is also nice to carry the extra card, battery and my seldom used wireless remote and to have extra controls on the grip when doing vertical shots.

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Old Jun 15, 2009, 11:48 PM   #8
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I can't use one. While I love the idea of the extra battery, place to carry the wireless remote and having the shutter in the right spot for portrait pictures, my fingers are too short. I can't comfortably reach the rings on a lens (either the zoom or the focus ring, depending on the lens). I don't have a lens that isn't either manual focus or a zoom, so it really limits what I could use it for. Also, the extra weight is significant for me. I didn't try it with the A*300 - it might help with that lens - but it didn't seem to help me balance the DA*50-135 (the lens that was on the camera I played with), and I'm pretty sure my elbow would start protesting again (I haven't had trouble with it in a very long time, thank heavens).
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Hi Roy,

I've had the bg2 since getting the K10, and although I've used it quite a few times, I prefer both the K10 and 20 without it. Part of this is because I don't need to carry the extra weight, the other part is that I prefer to carry the camera in my hand with a grip strap.

Some of the minus points -- the transition between batteries is not always smooth -- sometimes the camera hangs up if you've got the cam set to use one battery first. When the grip is attached, if one of your e-dials is in between clicks, it can disable all the e-dials. In very low light, I like to use the AF button to disable AF, and there's no AF button on the grip (this last point has been addressed in the K-7). It's too easy for me to accidentally press the grip shutter button. None of these are deal breakers though, and I've taken to using the grip a bit more with the camera/lens mounted on a tripod, but most of the time, it gets left at home -- I'll admit to probably being in the minority among grip owners -- most seem to love it. . .

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I got one with the k10 and used it the first months rather much.

The camera does look more impressive, and thats about the only extra it had for me.

The idea for the grip is an extra battery and the button on the side so you can more easily take pictures in portrait mode.

Battery works, but you have to take the grip of to replace the battery in the camera.
The extra button just didn't register with my brain. So I kept using the button on top of the camera.

So I stopped using the grip.

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