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I for one am dissipointed in B&H, since their guy suggested you buy the TC in the first place that was not compatable with your camera.

I see that as their problem and not yours and a big outfit like B&H could afford to eat the extra money for the right one to keep a loyal customer happy and to fix a issue they created.

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I agree Tom,
I realize they made a mistake assuming this combo would work on a K20d, after all it works together on other cameras, However I did expect them to make good on what they said would work, when it didn't. In the end, that's what they are doing and I'm pleased with that since I have no real complaint with the lens it self, its just that I would have bought the Bigma to start with if I knew the 70-200 + 2XTC wouldn't work. So, in the end, I get the Bigma and they get to keep me as a customer, I guess we're both happy.
... Now, if I can just come up with the money for a new K7!

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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
Urrr! There's someone I work with who has worse luck than you when it comes with my machines. He uses my large format copier/plotter and it runs out of paper, toner or develops funny lines. He uses our ordinary copier and all of a sudden it starts to jam and won't copy anything. I tell him he as to stand 20 feet away from my machines whenever he wants something!
We must have his sister. We all keep track of when she will be using our folder/sealer and get whatever we need done first. Otherwise, we are waiting days for the repair guy to come make it usable. I didn't know someone else existed like her.

Hi GW.

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GW, I'm surprised that B-H told you to begin with that the 70-200 f/2.8 would AF with the 2X TC. The 1.4X will AF with the 70-200, but not with the Bigma. Somewhere on the Sigma site there is a chart that shows that the 2X won't autofocus with either of them.

For birding purposes, you will be far happier with the Bigma. I used the 70-200/2X combo for a while before buying the Bigma--no comparison between the two, in addition to adding proper autofocusing. I use the 2X with my Bigma for moon shots and other very long shooting, but strictly MF.

You're coming out with the best buy for the buck, so I'm happy for you, but I am a little disappointed in B-H.

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