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Originally Posted by Keltech View Post

50 mm is more than I expected it to be. That is a reasonable distance so you can get some flash down to the subject. The crop photo of the African Violet is fantastic.
Thanks Lou,

Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
I lightened your picture up in Photoshop and was surprised at what you have on that one bracket. Your lighting setup is nice. The Lumui Quest looks like it does a good job of delivering light to the front of the lens and directing it down where you need it. The ring flash is something I will consider in the future.
You have also mentioned the biggest problem of that setup. The bracket I'm using now is a bit on the weak side. So that'll be the first thing that I'll have to change.

Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
I have experimented making a flash bracket out of aluminum but so far it is still a work in progress. I have a Sunpak 383 super ($25.00 used) that I fire with a Cactus Wireless Trigger. I mount the cactus receiver with the flash on it where the slot is in the bracket and can move it back and forth.
Home made bracket:
Looks great, been thinking about doing this to replace that thing I'm using.

Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
A rather simple and very useful flash device I made is shown below:
This is just a tube I made from a corrugated cardboard box. The inside was covered with aluminum foil. It is surprisingly good at directing the flash to a subject located in front of the lens. The flash is used in manual mode. I mounted it on my old Cannon A1 to simulate what it looks like with a macro lens and TC mounted. It is not pretty but it works well.
I've seen some magnificent pictures with that 'flash extender'. I still have the idea that the results count, and not all the talk that one system is better than another. Thats also the reason I started using those raynox acromats. Its simple and it gives great results.

Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
Seeing other peoples set up's is nice as it gives ideas that can be helpfull to others. It might be nice to start a thread for showing diffrent devices and how they are used.

Thanks Ronny, I have learned much from you in the short time I have been here.

Just glad to help,
my current macro setup is also a mix of ideas/setups I've seen from other people. (Robar was one of the first's)
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