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great series Harriet,

I had seen pictures of the outside pool before but didn't know where it was.

Thanks for posting

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Though I favour simplicity in my living place, I must say I was drawn in by the architectural details in each frame...almost rococo! Just dreamt of having a swim in #8 after a read in # 7 where you can almost see eternity, and back again : ) ah, what a story how they lived...
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Thanks for the grand tour - sure is different from any of our state parks! Wonderful colors and sharpness, and great story told too. Thanks!
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I'm with ira..WOW
I've done the woodwork in many a million $$ home but haven't seen that.. biggest home i worked on was a 68,000 square foot french manor that was getting ready to go on the market for sale at $45,000,000 but it burnt down first.. odds and ends were an indoor Olympic pool w/the 10meter board, 23 seat cinema, his and hers hand carved bath tubs that I'm sure went for $60-100,00 each.. just too much to list. only place I've been to and had to pass a back ground ck.. armed guards everywhere. and a pic id to get in..
Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavors. - W. Eugene Smith
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Thanks again for the compliments.

Ronny - now you know where the pool is, if you ever get this direction, you should visit the whole complex.

bahadir - yes, it's got that rococo over-the-top feel. All of the guest houses had ceilings that were very ornately carved and painted. I took some other pictures of them that came out well, but didn't want to post any more pictures in this thread.

mole - we have the other type of state park, too, by the way. I'm just glad that the complex was turned over to the state for preservation, it's a priceless treasure and well worth visiting.

Roy - have I given you a new place to visit? You would be fascinated with the whole thing - the craftsmanship is really incredible.
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Old Jun 30, 2009, 5:38 AM   #16
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Nice pics, mtngal. I had the opportunity to tour Hearst Castle 5-6 years ago when I was working at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey. I have almost the same shots you took of the outdoor & indoor pools. It wasn't crowded at all on the day we went, and it was a day well spent.
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Old Jun 30, 2009, 6:48 AM   #17
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Some day! All the years I lived in California. And, all the times I've visited in the past 26 years since we moved away and I never made it to Hearst Castle. It had been on my list of things to maybe get to this past time, but alas, didn't happen.

Thanks for sharing the photos. A lovely site.

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Old Jul 2, 2009, 9:56 AM   #18
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I find it hard to even imagine that lifestyle, to me $1000 of new furniture is a major investment!! My home is only about 1000 square feet total, probably smaller than a walk in closet at that level.
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Old Jul 2, 2009, 11:03 AM   #19
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Can you believe when we went many years ago, I didn't have my camera? It was my film slr (Pentax of course) and at a time when I barely knew how to use it properly so probably would have been disasterous anyway.
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Hello, very simple question. Is there an easy way to get exif info for the pictures posted on this forum ? This must be a question asked thousands times. Sorry about that.
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