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Default Obligatory First Coffee Cup

So here's my coffee cup. Notice the exif - taken using "P" mode with whatever is set as default, taken in jpg, uploaded full sized with to zenfolio.

Here's a link to the full sized file: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/img/v5/p512391804.jpg

Shutter speed 1/60 (SR works) f2.5, ISO 200, auto WB, bright mode. I switched to natural mode and after that the AWB handled the funny indoor light much better, think I like it better than I had on my other camera.

More to come this weekend.

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Congratulations Harriet, You beat everyone to it. Let's have some first impression comments on the camera.

The picture is an oxymoron. Health and coffee? From the looks of the cup you're drinking too much coffee LOL!

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Now don't give me too hard of a time about my rather well-worn coffee cup - it's got to be at least 15 years old. It's held up pretty well, seeing as how it's used all the time at work. And I wasn't planning on being the first to post here. It's just that I've been an early adopter for my last 3 Pentax cameras and have only had one that had any issue (my K10 had the AF problem that many of the first ones did - it just took me a long time to figure out). So I thought, why not get it now, rather than waiting until August. Saw it was shipping from Amazon and ordered it yesterday - I really had expected someone else to have one first.

The advantage to exposing to the right with high ISO - this picture was taken at ISO 3200, f18 and is a 1:1 macro. I took it this evening as I was setting up the camera for wireless flash. The camera exposes much differently with flash - I had to adjust the flash to -1.0 Ev and the camera to -.7 to get this to not be over-exposed. I'll need to move the flash further back than I used to with the K20.

Full sized, straight out of the camera jpg: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/img/v3/p190850121.jpg

Don't particularly use this one as an indication of the camera's high ISO capabilities as there's really not much for shadow in this picture, where noise shows up more. Use it more as an indication that you get better results if you don't underexpose high ISO shots.

Some first thoughts - manual lenses meter much better with it. The K20 was better than my K10 had been, but wasn't brilliant. This is really improved.

I was a little concerned about having less magnification in the viewfinder (it didn't bother me that it wasn't 100% coverage). But as you can see with this picture, I'm not having trouble manually focusing the Viv.

It goes about things differently. Some of it I think is really cool, some things I'm not too sure about. I like the menu system and the info button and how you can change many more things without digging through all the menus. The "Format Disk" option (I use this all the time) is buried further into the menus than it has been (it may be in the info section, I haven't looked for it there). I really like having all of the information you have on the LCD, but it's annoying when I'm shooting. I can set it to turn off and I might later on.

The LCD review and menus rotate if you rotate the camera. VERY COOL!

I like the weight much better, its easier for me to handle. I'm not so sure about the smaller size - it's the one thing I was really looking forward to, but it's taking some getting used to. I can see people who didn't like the grip before might find it more comfortable. I'll have to use it for a while before I make a decision about that.

The manual seems to me to be easier to read, or something. I've just started going through it but it seems easier to understand, as is the interface. But then, there's a million things I haven't touched - HDR (one of the things I'm interested in), exposure bracketing (I wanted the K-7's greater range) and the burst mode (minor desire). I haven't done much for comparison shots so haven't formed an opinion about the AF. It seemed to be more definitive about it with the 77. Many people on other boards made a big deal about the shutter being quieter. It sounds different, and probably is a bit quieter, but I don't think it's all that much of a difference. The sound difference makes it sound like the camera is quicker to take the picture, and maybe the mirror is faster about getting out of the way, but I don't know that it really is.
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Hmm, Harriet, it's a short step between the decision to wait a bit and the actual buying.
Looking forwards to your coming findings, but pleeeease always end your posts with "Kjell, there's no need to haste, it's not that much better than the K20D".

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Looks nice. So, I don't get it. You say in your post you saw that "Saw it was shipping from Amazon and ordered it yesterday " Which was posted this morning at 12:30 a.m. So, how did you get it already?

I look forward to hearing more about it and why I maybe should have waited on getting the K20. Because there's not way the K7 is in my near future. I'll be getting the K9.

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Congrats Harriet, I'm waiting for what you find of it but this time I'm going to try to wait a while before getting the new one.

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Congratulations Harriet!
I'm anxious to learn how you like it. Real curious about the AF and the overall IQ.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Hi Harriet,


One thing I'd like to get confirmed is the 3 yr extended warranty as indicated in the Pentax e-mail that was sent out after the official announcement. Is there any notice in the packaging or during online registration? I've heard no mention of this by any who have gotten the K7 already.

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Patty - the time that's posted as the "posting time" is your local time - I posted that about 9:30 my time (ordered Wednesday, delivered Thursday).

Kjell - Just forget about this new camera, you don't really need it anyway. I mean, really, why would you want to upgrade a perfectly working camera, right? If you accept that, I'm sure I have a nice ocean front property in Arizona I'd be happy to sell you for a good price.

Ronny - Don't give in. Wait a while. You have discipline (more than I do).

GW - Image quality is very good. Auto white balance is definitely better, exposure seems to be better (but not sure about that yet).

Scott - I'll have to answer your question this evening - there were two pieces of paper in the box with the owners manual I didn't look at (one is the California specific thingy they include, I would imagine, the other I don't know). And I didn't think about registering it last night, too busy playing with a couple of things and looking at the few pictures I took. It wouldn't surprise me if it shows up when you register it - the last lens I bought didn't have a warranty card in it at all.
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Nice to have a couple of early adopters already!! Re. IQ, when you get to do some testing, I'd be interested in an A/B comparison (i.e. side-by-side) between the K7 and the K20D since you own both bodies. I'm eagerly awaiting your detailed user report from the consumer's point of view rather than from Pop. Photography's Lab tests.
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