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Another great adventure!
Mole, you may not post real often but, when you do, it's real fun to look.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Beautiful shots! Sure wish I could have been on your workshop - I love the scenery.
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Thanks for posting your pictures and sharing in great detail, Mole-

The snail and the waterfalls were my favorites. Great Photos!

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks for all the kind and complimentary comments. It's easy to take pretty pictures in such a great place (especially with a Pentax!)

MtMan - For waterfall pictures, I usually strive for the cloudiest, gloomiest day possible (easy in our climate!) and use the lowest ISO the camera offers. That plus a circular polarizer really seems to help.

Lou - do not have an ND to fit the 18-250, do have one to fit the kit lens. When "out in the field," I rarely take an extra lens, but do have a (bottom of the line) Hoya circular polarizer for the 18-250. As long as it's a dark gray day, this is more than sufficient. Actually, there is some motion blur even on snails - that one was moving along at quite a snail's pace!

Patty - Snails mouths are on their underside, and their teeth are on their tongue! They just stick the tongue out of their mouth and scrape food in. He/she might have been eating the moss, but it's hard to tell from above. By the way - are you still looking for the 18-250 lens? I noticed that KEH has a used Pentax 18-250 for $364.

GW - glad you liked them!

Harriet - it was a really fun workshop - lots of great people in a wonderful location. Mine was more of a beginners' event - mostly hikers who want to be able to capture a bit of what they enjoy. Tremont also offers some more serious, advanced workshops, with professional photographers. You should check out their website: WWW.gsmit.org

Sarah - glad to share, and glad you enjoyed them!
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You learn the oddest things on this forum. Thanks for the info on the snails. I had no idea. I responded to your PM on the lens.

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