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[quoteI'm also hoping that Penolta will stop by and identify the two butterflies, especially the second one. I'm sure it's common but I've never seen one quite like this (that I've noticed) and I thought it was pretty.[quote]

Always glad to oblige (when possible). The second one is a Common Buckeye - very distinctive. The other one, however is not so easy - it appears to be one of the Sulphurs, with out seeing the top surface, one can't be sure, but it may be a California Dogface, the state butterfly of California.

I had posted some hints for you regarding butterfly ID in my recent "New Butterfly" thread, which gets buried rapidly with all the recent activity (K7 excitement, etc) on this forum:


Nice pics, BTW - glad to see the fire recovery proceeding.
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Love your pix Harriet!
The road reminds me of the one we had to drive on where we lived when I was 9yrs old (1960) in the hills of S.Ca. near San Fernando, it was a private road so it wasn't maintained by the County UG! Originally it was a posh vacation community for the very rich but, then the river that ran through the area dried up and property values plunged.
BTW, did you get everything straightened out on your 55-300mm? if you still need some comparison pix, I took some today of the brick wall at work. I'll be happy to post them for you if you like.

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These are all wonderful pics, Mtngal! I especially love the shot of the mountain road. The S-curve of the road, with both ends taking your eye toward the edge of the frame, but not really going right to the edge. These are just great. I also love the dramatically different landscape from what we see here in the northeast.
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