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Default A Few More

I'm sitting in the house, sweltering in the heat. It's too hot to go out to take pictures, my replacement camera didn't get delivered Friday when it was supposed to (thank you UPS - I hope that Amazon got every penny of shipping they paid you back!), so I finished going through the pictures I took last Sunday. There were a couple that I thought I'd post. These were taken with a K-7 and several different lenses.

Do you want to look at charred wood: (DA55-300):

Or the pretty purple flowers? (Viv 105 macro)

I actually prefer the first one, but it emphasizes the negative more.

This is actually a combination of the Photomatix HDR and the regular exposure of the bracketing set. I liked different parts of each picture, so I took one of them and put it on a layer over the other one. Then I used a layer mask and painted out the parts I wanted to show through from the first one. I was happy with how this came out.

DA 12-24:

Another one of the charred wood pictures: (Viv 105 macro)

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I like the first and the last one best!
Attached Images

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The last two are my favourites, you did very well with the HDR one, it looks fabulous.


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Good IQ from the k-7 across a variety of lenses. Between you and GW, you're not helping my LBA for the 12-24mm!
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Nice images all! #4 is my favorite.

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Hmmm.. up until now I hadn't seen any pictures that made me think about going broke for the K-7. I really like these pictures.. Thank you... I think lol. Very nice!
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Thanks for the compliments!

The 12-24 is just such a fun lens, I use it quite often, and not always for these grand vistas. It's got excellent color, though it does have some CA. I'll be interested to see how the in-camera lens correction will handle it (I didn't try it before I shipped it back, perhaps in the next couple of days I'll make a point of it).

The composite, wide angle shot took the foreground road and some of the meadow and mid-distance mountains from the HDR version and the sky with the tree and far mountains from the regular exposed frame. While the in-camera HDR works very well for some scenes, this is not one of them. I got definite halos around the tree (same as the Photomatix version). So the only way to get what I wanted was to do the composite.

The only shot that I would have had trouble with getting with a K20 would have been the HDR composite. I think the K-7's pictures are a bit sharper and take different processing when you resize down, but it's more a change in processing than a change in actual quality. The increased exposure bracketing with the K-7 made the HDR much better quality - I discovered that you really need more range than what the K20 can give you automatically. Someone who can compute the various combinations of stops as it applies to aperture and exposure would just manually set the camera up for the increased stops between shots, but I can't remember all the various numbers involved. It's much easier to set the camera up to do auto exposure, 5 frames with 2 stops between frames and the camera will do it. The K20 doesn't have as much Ev range.

The other thing that I find different - I often shoot raw+. I was never quite happy with the various tone modes with the K20 - I never quite got dialed in one that I was happy with. Part of that had to do with the white balance choices they made with it, I think. The first thing I did with the K-7 was to switch to the natural mode and try it over the default bright mode. Noticed natural decreased the sharpness, so set it up to "0" (it's -1 in natural by default) and liked that setting. I'll continue to shoot raw+ as sometimes I prefer the raw and sometimes the jpg but would feel comfortable shooting jpg only if I needed to.
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Thank, Harriet-

I like the Pentax 12-24 shot the best. That was nice work.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks, Sarah! I've been having fun both with the lens and the HDR capabilities of the K-7.
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All excellent & dramatic shots. I enjoyed the HDR/composite the most - such a fine feeling for the landscapes there!
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