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Whoa! the first one really threw me Mole.
The only reason I know for sure the guy with the guitar isn't my dad is that he never played one...
That and the fact he passed away 15 years ago
I agree with the others, they could use a little more pop but, I really like them all.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Hi mole,

I like 'em!

This is my preferred people shooting mode -- candids. Looks like you had to deal with some difficult lighting conditions, balancing off the bright sunlight with the people preferring to sit in the shadows. It's possible that some diffused fill flash or a reflector might have made the job a bit easier.

In the case of musicians, I like to try to include the whole instrument. What is that thing that #1 in the "Favorite characters" is holding?????

I also like the B&W conversion. I think I'd boost the contrast a bit for B&W. Maybe sepia might look good here, and with some of the others where there aren't modern anomalies like microphones and sneakers and such.

I prefer the first two of the fiddler, since I think the mic is distracting (totally subjective about this).

I really relate to shooting nature as opposed to people. I only really feel comfortable shooting people in a setting where they expect to be photographed, but I generally still use a stealth approach. My birds don't need a model release, and never complain about my capturing a goofy shot of them. . .

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Thanks so much for all the kind comments and helpful suggestions.

I do tend to shoot and process a bit on the darker side (just personal preference), but will try these a bit brighter as time permits - since so many folks agreed on that!

I took LOTS more shots of this event, and do have some including whole instruments. Just have not had time to go through all of them, and also thought the closer shots emphasized the people more. But will try some of the wider shots, including whole instruments...

By the way, that "thing" that he is holding is a dulcimer, made using a gourd. This talented craftsman & musician makes an amazing assortment of instruments, gadgets & games using gourds!
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