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Default Sometimes you just get lucky. . . (1 img)

Hi All,

I was going over some of the literally thousands of shots that I've taken during my recent BIF frenzy. A lot of them were just junk shots trying to get the hang of following the motion, and I took them hoping that the bird would do something weird or would turn towards me so I could test the K7's AF C tracking. This one's from a string when I caught one of the Caspian Terns diving for fish. I had originally overlooked it because it was very small in the frame, but taking a closer look, one of the benefits of the 14.6 MP sensor became apparent -- one can take a pretty extreme crop and still have something. . . maybe not a really good shot, but something pretty cool!

I guess timing is everything, and I can't take any credit for this. . . it's about a 2000 pixel wide crop, with a little Edge Preserving Smooth to the background and selective Focus Magic sharpening during downsizing. Now the challenge is to get a similar shot on purpose. . .

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A good illustration of the way plunge-divers stretch their wings out behind them to avoid the sprains that would result if their wings were folded against the body when they enter the water. When you try for something like this, your timing is always off. But as you say, sometimes you just get lucky.
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Sometimes I'd rather be lucky than good!
Very nice capture Scott.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Very nice action freeze. Do you find that the K7 is a good camera for fast action shots ?
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A cool shot indeed, luck had something to do with the capture, but you had to be there taking the shot, I think you create your own luck, Lady Luck needs a hand.


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That really is a cool shot - and it looks very good for a crop like that. I'll take your luck any day!
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just once i want to get lucky like this
or maybe 2 or 3 times at least

great timing, even if it wasnt intentional
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Hilarious shot!
I'd say it's more about persistence than luck, this is not a shot anyone could have taken. "Wage for work" is the Swedish expression.
I'd like to learn more about the sharpening techniques you have used, can you go a bit deeper into that? And what about levelling?

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Regardless of it being luck or skill it is a great shot. You obviously were working hard to get a shot of a fast bird diving and were successful.

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Quite impressive.

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