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Default Fiesta Days

Every year our little community has a big summer party called Fiesta Days. There's an arts and craft fair and a midway, and all kinds of people turn out to listen to bands and just have fun.

I went and played with the K-7, trying to see if I could reproduce the problem my first camera had. I was thinking far more of the conditions I was putting it under than I was of how to take a good picture. Everything I took had some fault or other, mostly framing or focusing mistakes. But I thought I'd share some of them anyway - I've now taken close to 600 shots, used movie mode and live view a number of times, and no stray lines anywhere.

Here's a little lady that looks like she's doing quite well. I'm sure Roy would approve of her person.

Here's another lady, but she's not exactly a "little" lady. Could you love this face?

I think she's got nice eyes. She wasn't at all interested in standing up, so I don't have anything to show how big she is.

She stands as tall as a small sized pony (literally). For those not familiar with them, she's an Irish Wolfhound and is half-way to being able to put Champion in front of her name.

These girls look rather scared:

This set of girls look like they are sharing secrets.

A few minutes later they were sharing a more exciting experience:

I snapped this a second or two before this fellow went flying off into space (and landed on the inflated floor surface).

The prizes added lots of color:

It looked like everyone, including the dogs, were having a great time. I didn't go back for night-time pictures this time. I probably should have as I now have a tripod that would have helped with long exposures. But then I probably would have thought about all sorts of other things, instead of concentrating just on taking an interesting picture. I need to get back to doing that, instead of thinking about any possibility of problems with the camera. I should just accept that there's nothing wrong with this camera, at least nothing that I can find and get on with trying to take good pictures with such a fine camera (and learning how to use iMovie).
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Thanks for taking me to the Fiesta, lovely series, and you are right, who couldn't love those eyes.


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Glad to hear that the second camera is working out well for you.

Nice shot of the local fair. I love the shot of the girls holding hands on the whirling swing.

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Extremely nice series. I really like the wolfhound in #2 and the girls in the swings. One of the things I really like about the swings shot is that it is motion coming right at you and it was well-focused throughout. That would be a difficult shot with the K20. I can't wait till my K7 gets in and I get to play with it.

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Old Aug 4, 2009, 11:47 AM   #5
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Fairs and carnivals are my favorite...got the local county fair this weekend! Looks like the K-7 is doing well...I especially like #2 which shows flawless exposure & great composition on the part of the photographer!!
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I don't think I ever really tried something like this with the K20. I found that I had so-so success with the whirly swings, but it had more to do with me, I think. I was using single focus instead of continuous focus because it was moving so fast and I tend to hesitate once I get a focus lock, making my subject beyond where I want them and out of focus. Or I'd have trouble with getting the focus right, but someone was in front, OOF ruining the shot. By the time I took this one, I had figured out the timing better. It just happened that the girls holding hands were the same ones that I had taken before the ride got going.

Thanks for the compliments about the second one - I wasn't sure about the fact I had gotten so close to her with the framing. If you look at the full sized file, the focus is a hair in front of the eyes, but a little sharpening made it look all right (not perfect, but that's OK - I like the picture anyway). I'll have to keep an eye on that lens to see if it is really front focusing or if this was a case of operator error. All pictures were taken with the DA 55-300.

jelpee - I'll be looking forward to your shots.
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Nice job Harriet!
looks like you had a ball.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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a good series, you gave the k7 a good workout
i like the close up of the wolfhound, the swing in motion and the bull rider

friends of mine had a wolfhound
and you couldnt hang the washing high enough lol
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Old Aug 5, 2009, 9:35 AM   #9
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I can just see someone hanging out a sheet and then having a wolfhound come stolling by, lifting up his head without having a paw leave the ground, and calmly walking off with it in his teeth. I hope your friends bought a big clothes dryer!

Thanks, GW. I had a good time snapping away, though I discovered that photography takes constant work and thought. And so many things can go wrong if you aren't careful. I need to be more careful about framing with the K-7 - I've gotten into the bad habit of expecting the camera to capture a bit more than I see and using that as a way of getting everything in while concentrating on just part of my subject. The girls on the swing is an example - the K20 probably would have captured all of the girl's foot on the left side. It's one of the first things I noticed when I was reviewing all of my pictures. With the K-7 its far more important to really check the edges, because there isn't any more.
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Nice photos, Harriet. I think the one of the girls on the ferris wheel, that girl on the left is beyond scared. She is terrified! That would be me. I can remember going to Six Flags in Georgia many years ago and thinking I'd ride the kiddie roller coaster with my kids - no big deal. I couldn't get off it fast enough at the end! I don't do well with motion and heights.

The girls on the swing is wonderful. They would probably treasure that photo years from now. Or even now.

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