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Default Would like some opinions on this...

Going through some pix I took last Feb. this is one of those shots you wonder how you got it! I'd normaly trash one this blured but, I thought it looked kinda cool in an artistic sort of way so I thought I'd play with it and see what I could come up with.
The first is strait from the camera, the rest are tweaked with the "curves" adjustment. I'm wondering if any one pic stands out over the others.





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Actually, I like the original best. The others are all too dark for me.

How did you get that image? Was it just camera movement?

It's funny you posted this as I was just playing around with a similar image last night wondering if I could put it in my exhibit. It's nothing fantastic, but something in it intrigues me.

(not meaning to pirate your posting)
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I agree with Patty, No 1 is my favourite and Patty that one of yours is dreamy, maybe a nightmare.


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I like the original and the second one. I'm not crazy about the others. Both yours and Patty's pictures are interesting, a reflection that sometimes things that don't work the way they are supposed to can be OK.
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Hi GW,

I think that this is a terrific capture! The bird is acceptably sharp with little evidence of shake ghosting in the head, feet, or tail. The wing blur pattern is very smooth and continuous. The BG blur is exceptionally even for a panning shot @ 1/15. It looks like a painting. . .

I like #1 the best also, but I'd crop it down so the bird is mostly in the left half of the frame, so the eye of the viewer is drawn towards the center. Either a landscape or portrait crop would probably be equally effective. I'd just selectively sharpen the bird with no color corrections though I'd be tempted to pull back on the cyan/blue to make the bird whiter.

A really nice capture!!!


This is what I was thinking -- hope you don't mind -- I straightened them before cropping to 8x10 to get the panning blur horizontal. . . If you could print it big, it would be impressive, I think. Of these, I like the portrait crop better, I think. . .
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It's funny but when I first looked at the original I thought - what can you do with that?

Then I saw the second image and thought - Oh yes! That's really quite interesting. And just to prove that we all see things differently, I much prefer your non-horizontal image (sorry Scott).

It now makes me wonder how many of those blurred/out of focus shots that I have deleted over the years might have had a new lease of life with a bit of artistic PP. None probably!!!

BTW Patty, I also like your shot as well

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Now, as they turned out to become images of abstraction, mine would sound quite a subjective choice of course! Still, I'd prefer #2 whose dramatic colours I associate with the nest of phoenix made of smoke and fire!
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My take on the image is that the background is as important to this shot as the bird itself. In Scot's crop the background is lost and it appears to me only as a blurry image of a bird where my eye struggles to resolve the image.

Leaving the angular background I feel gives the photo and the bird a sense of motion and an other worldly look.

I think any of the shots would work depending on where and on what color background it were matted with. But I personally like #2. Like Bahadir it reminds me of Phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Thank you Guys!
I didn't expect so much enthusiasm on this one. I'm pleased with the comments and suggestions!
It is funny how we all look at things differently, I didn't want to skew the poll by expressing my opinion at the beginning but, I too like
#2 and the original is my second(very close) choice with #3 my third the others are a bit drastic.

Scott, I never thought about it being cockeyed but, it makes sense, that's my default shooting mode! I definitely agree the composition is reversed from what it should be but, not sure if I can make it come out looking right if I try to add more background to the right and crop some the left the way it should have been shot to start with. I'm going to play with it some more and see what I come up with.

Bahadir, I like your description! never thought of it that way.

Patty, I got that shot by panning and not paying attention to what shutter speed my camera was using. I like your shot in the snow. I think it would be really cool if you could find just the right vehicle to put in it to give the eye something to grab your eye.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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