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I really like shooting jellyfish. My take. Rotated and adjusted Curves to bring out detail.
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I think I like the whole body better, but not necessarily because you cut the tail off. Don't know why. I really like the S curve of the third one, but it looks a bit too dark and I'm not sure how much latitude you'd have to bring out the detail in the body. Jelly fish are always so difficult to photograph.
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now you have put the S curve one up i like that one
and i prefer them swimming up in the photo too
you could just about do a colour select and select just the background blue and give it a slight blur to fix up the noise without touching the jelly fish

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Originally Posted by nhmom View Post
Which of these two do you like better? Or, neither for that matter.

I like the whole jellyfish, but to crop to 8x10 I lose a little of it's tale. I also like to see the detail of the body, but it bothers me that it's cut off.

Hi Patty,

One thing that you might consider is to resize the long side down until you reach a 5:4 aspect ratio (usually by unlocking the aspect ratio in the resizing tool, then lowering the value on the long side to be 125% of the width). It'll allow you to keep the entire jellyfish, with full tentacles, but would make it a bit shorter and more stout. You might not like what it does to the proportions, but I think it's worth a try. You probably don't want to do this with people, but I don't think that a jellyfish would mind. . .

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Thanks for the interesting ideas. I did send one off to be printed yesterday, but might try some of these. I've been able to print all my prints except this one. The printer keeps putting bands across the solid blue. My printer is quite old and outdated.

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All beautiful shots of a tough subject - I too like the first photo best. Best of luck on your exhibit!!
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