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Default one more exhibit question

After much disaster yesterday my photos are (or at least were) hanging. I say were because we weren't really giving the 3M Command stickies the one hour curing time. I'm hoping I don't get a call tomorrow morning when the library opens to say please come clean up the mess!

We ended up with a total game plan change once we got there and hung the first unframed print. The prints are hung from a rail at the ceiling. But, the rail sits out from the wall almost an inch. The ones that were just matted ended up dangling in space and moving with any movement in the room. After much brainstorming for ways to fix this without afixing anything to the walls (rule #1), I ran over to Michael's and bought a bunch of 2 for $7 cheapy frames and we spent the afternoon cleaning glass, framing prints and hanging. They were shooing us out the door at 5.

This was after a very wet time trying to get things in the car and driving in the torrential rains of Danny to get down there. Then, getting everything in the library. But, it's done.

Anyway, my question - There was interest yesterday in people coming in and watching us as to how much I charge for my prints. I have no idea. Because most of these are cheapo frames, I'd probably just offer to sell the prints matted only. One "artist" who came in said he usually tells people to just make him an offer and he finds he makes more that way. I will have a list of the print names and location shot sitting on a table with my business cards and a guest book people can sign. I thought maybe I'd just put a note on the bottom of the list stating "Matted prints of these or images in my online gallery are available by contacting me."

How do I politely state that I would have any prints done professionally and asking for offers of how much. Or, should I just state any sales will be professionally printed and they are $$$ (how much???).

I say printed professionally because I printed most of these on my old HP7350 inkjet printer and when they aren't under glass you can see the levels of ink on the paper. Now that I think of it, since they are all framed and under glass they probably can't even see that. But, I'd definitely have them printed somehwere.

Sorry. I've got a killer headache, but need to have my sheet ready for when I leave for work tomorrow as I'll head straight down after work to deliver the sheet and do a few last minute cleanups of a few things. I couldn't do the sheet until I knew what I would be hanging so I could number them.

Thanks for any advice and sorry again for rambling.

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Hi Patty

I have Zero experience in This Area. So, Heres my 2 cents.

I Agree with the Artist. Just ask what they are willing to pay. Just do your research on the back side as to what you will be spending to get them the print. Then Its in their ball park.
Or you Could Put A higher price and (Price or Best offer).

Just Some thoughts

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