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What can one say but WOW!? "Timing", composition", "sharpness" sounds too futile for this.
Good to hear from you, Tim.

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Nice to see you again, and congrats with you publication, and I agree with everyone there are no superlatives that describe this shot good enough.

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I'm a relatively new face here and have never seen any of your previous posts but after seeing this shot, I hope I am going to see a lot more.

Fantastic capture!


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Originally Posted by NonEntity1 View Post
Greetings fellow Pentaxians,
It has been awhile since I have posted here, though I have lurked from time to time and followed the K7 reports with interest. Job and life (two separate concepts IMO) have been consuming my available free time of late. I have seen a lot of new avatars in the forums but the same friendly welcoming atmosphere that caused me to choose a Pentax in the first place remains.

My personal bit of news is I had two shots chosen for the Entomology Society of America's annual calendar. Apparently they had over 250 submissions (only 20 or so were mine) so I was pretty psyched to have two images chosen. Not that it pays cash but it was another step towards doing something meaningful with my Pentax. I also managed to pick up another Kiron 105mm macro, this one a Vivitar Series 1 to add to my Lester A Dine and I had a Pentax AF160 ring flash delivered this evening.

Roy contacted me recently and reminded me I had not been on the forum for awhile. I apologize and I will try to do better. This forum was one of the major factors in my adopting photography (and macro in particular) as a hobby and there are days at work when only the thought of a weekend of picture taking gets me through. Even if I am not on as often as I once was, I will endeavor to report in more frequently in the future!


One of the two shots for the calendar is below:
Incredible shot-I am very interested in the AF 160 ring flash-please post your thoughts. Thanks
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Hey Tim!
I've been wondering what the heck happened to you. I thought perhaps you had gone on a "deep undercover assignment" and forgot to come back!
Speaking of come back, what a photo! way to go.


Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Hi Tim,

Nice to have you back!!!

. . . and what a reintroduction!!!! Outstanding shot!!!

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Thanks for the welcome back ya'll! I helped a friend move today so I did not get to play with the ring flash but, before this weekend is done, I intend to give it a good wringing out and post my thoughts. As requested, the other shot that made it into the calendar was this one (which I had probably posted previously, it is a year old now):


PS: I have been trying to learn a little about what I am photographing, the first shot was Bombylius mexicanus feeding on Calamintha ashei (an endangered Florida mint) and this shot is Exoprosopa fasciata feeding on Liatris/Blazing Star. Despite their different appearance, both insects are bee flies.
Attached Images

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Tim - I am another one of those "new faces" eager to see more of your work. That is a wonderful photo - so clear and well-composed, tells the story so well. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on getting your photos published!
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i remember when...
Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavors. - W. Eugene Smith
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